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of a baby with exclusive 100,000 euros to Andreíta’s attachment


€100,000. This is the estimated price that the exclusive of the birth of the son that María José Campanario and Jesulín de Ubrique are expecting. Hence, when the waters were about to break, it disappeared from the map. Despite the years filling covers, gatherings and minutes on the air, his cache continues to trade just as high. It could not be less, forming part of the lineage Janeiro-Esteban, a family tree full of messes and media personalities like Belén Esteban, Carmen Janeiro, Andrea Janeiro (yes, the famous Andreíta) and Juls Janeiro.

Along with the Campos, the Jury, or even, saving the obvious distances, the Bourbons, his clan is one of the most recognizable –and profitable– of the national heart press. Constantly filling covers, they do not stop coming out of the current turbine. And although many times they have been reluctant to this constant exposure, it is clear that their empire cannot do without the cameras, be it the television ones, filming the daily adventures of Belén in Mediaset, the photographic ones, such as the ones that are groping María José and Jesulín for their exclusive, or those of the mobile, in which Juls Janeiro, ‘influencer’ with more than 200,000 followers, performs so well.

The bases of this media lineage are in Ubrique, Cádiz, where Jesus Janeiro (Jesulin) in the bosom of a good family. He started bullfighting at a young age and, supported by his godfather Jose Ortega Cano He quickly became one of the great media figures of Spanish bullfighting. To this tabloid equation Belén Esteban joined in 1995when she started going out with him. Andrea, a common daughter, was born from the union, and from their breakup, the media character of Belén was born, today essential in the Mediaset workforce.

bridges between families

Shortly after leaving in 2001, Jesulín married Campanariowhich was also dragged into the thick of television and the morbidity of the highly commented breakup of Belén, which by then was already more than usual in entertainment. From the marriage are born Julia (Juls) and Jesús Alejandro, the most anonymous of the lineage. And although both brothers assure that they get along very well, they have been very far from Andrea, daughter of Belén, largely due to the tensions and enmity that still exist between the parents and that have been widely televised, fueling the discord based on morbid (and selling covers). Even so, as Andreíta reconciles with her father –they say that taking advantage of the fact that Belén is out of circulation–, it is possible that this fraternal tension will decrease and bridges will be built between both families.

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Also hanging around the media scene of the family tree is Carmen Janeiro, Jesulín’s sister. Coupled with the millionaire Luis Masaveu, their relationship has gone through many potholes, which according to sources close to the family, were due to the fact that Masaveu’s environment did not accept all the burden that the surname Janeiro entails, but there could be a wedding around the corner. the corner, but without filtering the date.

Yes, there are many names. And so, this glossary is essential to follow an episode of this summer’s soap operas.

“It is clear that he needs money,” said a Twitter commentator from the Mediaset universe when it was revealed that Jesulín would participate in ‘El Desafío’, on Antena 3, a program that collects eight celebrities and puts them on the ropes to carry out different challenges . Despite the initial skepticism with which his choice of ‘casting’ was received, the public has welcomed the bullfighter very well, which has rewarded his naturalness and ease. Does his redemption begin and will he no longer be the bad guy in the movie, which had Belén as its heroine?

Virtually missing in action. According to the family, the dentist, who is about to give birth to her third child with Jesulín, has a risky pregnancy due to the fibromyalgia she suffers from and being over 40 years old. In addition, according to speculation, the absolute secrecy also has to do with selling the exclusive, probably to ‘Hello’, the couple’s favorite gossip magazine. For now, the only thing it is known that it will be a boy, since Jesulín escaped in ‘El Hormiguero’. About the rest, we will have to wait for it to reach the newsstands.

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The gap between father and daughter begins to close, and Andreíta has had a warm reunion with her father and brothers. As she told Belén, “it went very well” and she is “very happy”, something that the ‘Save me’ collaborator celebrates because, although the parents do not maintain any contact, she believes that it is positive that her daughter has a close father figure. According to Informalia, the workers of the Jesulín farm, the former bullfighter “speaks a lot and well about Andreíta” and “regrets past episodes“That drove them away.

The eldest of the children of Jesulín and Campanario, born in 2003, although she has kept a low profile, she is receiving more and more scrutiny from the gossip press. Especially for her poses, shared in her Instagram, with more than 200 thousand followers, who are usually described as risqué, due to her sense of fashion, which bets on necklines, open backs and short clothes and openings. Also dating Tommy Rossi, Getafe CF playerIt is difficult for her to stay away from the press as she has done until now.


Jesulín’s sister and the millionaire businessman have been together for 10 years, but the media did not find out until 2019. Their very secret relationship ended in 2021 because he had to move to Portugal and she did not want to leave Marbella. Now they have tried again, and their environment suggests that sooner rather than later there will be wedding bells. especially because Carmen has managed to overcome the differences with Luisa Herrero, her (also a millionaire) mother-in-lawand now they are nail and meat.

The queen of national memes (yes, her videos are constantly used on all networks and it is one of the most repeated digital formats) is going through a difficult time. And although his worst emotional years are behind him, a few weeks ago he fell in ‘Save me’ and broke his right leg. Now, after a difficult operation, he is still resting, waiting to return to the program, which is getting worse and worse audience data.

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