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‘Of birding. Ornithological routes through Spain’: 40 excursions to get to know the birds


‘Of birding. Ornithological routes through Spain’ (Editorial Geoplaneta) is a book intended to “celebrate bird watching, its study and its conservation, according to its author, Antonio Sandoval Rey, experienced ornithologist and environmental writer, in the presentation of the volume.

It is a guide so that the reader can prepare his “piajeros trips”, with which the author seeks to “dazzle people to sign up for this recreational practice”, but that also serves to “recruit activists, who increasingly we need more”. “Only what is loved is preserved and only what is known is loved,” he recalled.

Sandoval proposes in this guide forty routes throughout the country, that he has personally elaborated, with maps included and all the information that he has compiled. The most emblematic species of each route, their characteristics, the habitats that characterize them and curiosities of all kinds make up the information offered on these forty “aviary” routes.

Writing it has been an “emotional, intellectual and physical” exercise for Sandoval -because he has personally visited each route-, and synthesizing the information has been his “greatest challenge”.

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In each of these routes, it has included proposals made by people “linked to the route” in which they make their own personal contributions and recommendations, and includes a series of QR codes so that the reader can expand all kinds of information in a variety of web portals when preparing your trip.

Chapters for all autonomies

The book has 18 chapters, each dedicated to an Autonomous Community, and includes one dedicated to Ceuta and Melilla, “a first,” said Javier Gómez Aoiz, also an ornithologist and writer, who said that the book has been ” very interesting because of the African species” of the two autonomous cities, and has described the routes of the work as “very long and very complete”.

Ramón Martí, director of institutional development for SEO/Birdlife, who was also at this event at the Alberti Bookstore in Madrid, has defined this paper as a “reference book” that responds to a “growing demand of society for naturalistic issues»and was grateful that a “great publisher -GeoPlaneta- is involved in this type of publication”.

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Antonio Sandoval is an environmental communicator and ornithologist who collaborates in various media outlets. He is in love with nature and has developed his professional life in intimate contact with the environment.

Sandoval is also author of several books such as What are birds for?, The Tower, The seabirds of Estaca de Bares. A personal diary, BirdFlyway. A family trip through “The Route of the Birds”, The school tree (with illustrations by Emilio Urberuaga) and co-author of When to see Birds in Galicia.

He also directs the Vitamina N collection, from the Kalandraka publishing house, and is a member of the Galician Observatory of Environmental Education and the José Cornide Institute of Coruñeses Studies. He has also written numerous articles on ornithology for scientific and generalist publications and has participated in the edition of ornithological magazines and bulletins.


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