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Olaia Maneiro, from Tanxugueiras, closes her social networks due to hate messages


Olaia Maneiroone of the three components of the Tanxugueiras threesomehas deleted his social networks due to the discomfort generated by the ‘haters’, those who use this channel to show harsh criticism and write unpleasant comments.

It is the couple of the young woman, in full tour with her sister Sabela and Aida Tarríoa friend of both, the one who has confirmed on Instagram, on the occasion of the Olaia’s birthdaythat the girl, “tired of so much ‘hate’ [‘odio’]a few weeks ago he deleted his networks”.

“Support net”

And, next to the announcement, the boy, also a musical artist jasper -of the group nao– makes a request: “Let’s use social networks from affection and not from criticism and hatred; let’s make them spaces for meeting and mutual learning; let’s weave a network of support, not hunting and fishing”.

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He offers his site if you want congratulate the “love of your life”a woman who the more she knows, the more virtues emerge, and who “is experiencing a very good artistic and work moment but, as most of you will understand, also with a lot of stress, many hours and a lot of public exposure”.

Jásper has left this message this Tuesday open to comments, for those who would like to congratulate the Galician artist. Among the users, stand out congratulatory and appreciation messagesas well as encouragement against the ‘haters’.

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