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Olga Moreno hits Rocío Carrasco with a photo with her son David: “I die of love”


The war between Rocio Carrasco and the Flores and relatives do not stop. While the second docuseries of Rocío Jurado’s daughter is broadcast on Telecinco -in which she lashes out with documents against her family-, Olga Morenothe ex-wife of Antonio David Flores, enjoys her vacations with her daughter Lola and David Flores (the son of Antonio David and Rocío Carrasco). Why do you hang a photograph with the son of your ex-partner? In social networks they point to her “badness” of her and say that she “does not stitch without thread”.

In the photograph, you can see Olga Moreno kissing David on a beach. Rocío did not like this image at all and she interprets it as a provocation. On more than one occasion she has accused her still wife of Anthony David Flores of being “accomplice” in his ordeal. He even went further than her and blamed her for having “taken” her children from her by participating in the signing of a document to register him in Malaga without the consent of her mother. “My signature on the document has been forged. This was done in collusion with Malaga,” she said. Rocío Carrasco has no doubts and considers it a “fundamental piece for this to take shape and continue to take shape”.

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In social networks they are clear: Olga Moreno “is holding another woman’s son”. Some go further: “It’s called VICARIAL VIOLENCE.” Olga Moreno, oblivious to the controversy, enjoys her vacation and posts several snapshots with David, her daughter Lola and her friends. In one of the photographs David appears with Lola and Olga’s comment “I’m dying of LOVE. Enjoying these moments that is what we are going to stay…”

Since the Andalusian separated from Antonio David, although they are not yet legally divorced, she has taken refuge in her friends and family to have a drink. The separation has been hard, especially when Antonio David shares a media relationship with the journalist Martha Riesco.

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