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Our universe would be interacting with a mirror universe


Our universe would be interacting with an invisible mirror universe that can be detected through gravity and that explains why the universe is expanding faster than established in the cosmological model.

A study by scientists at the universities of California and New Mexico suggests that there is an invisible “mirror universe” of particles that interacts with our universe through gravity.

According to the researchers, this interaction between the two universes causes a faster rate of expansion of the Universe than that calculated by the hubble constantwhich is the measured rate for the expansion of the Universe.

This constant has an unresolved problem: the measurements that have been made on the speed of expansion of galaxies do not coincide with what is established in the Hubble constant: they indicate that the universe is expanding faster than calculated in the current cosmological model. . And no one has been able to explain this anomaly.

The new research believes it has found the explanation: the speed with which the universe is expanding, outside the cosmological model, originates because it is interacting with another universe.

unknown mathematical property

The authors of this research explain in an article published in the journal Physical Review Letters that they have reached this conclusion because they have discovered a mathematical property that until now has gone unnoticed by science.

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This mathematical property causes a faster expansion rate of the universe, something that can only be explained if the Universe has symmetry, that is, if it interacts with a mirror universe.

“Basically, we point out that many of the observations we make in cosmology have an inherent symmetry in rescaling the universe as a whole. This could provide a way to understand why there appears to be a discrepancy between different measurements of the expansion rate of the Universe,” the researchers explain.

They consider that if the universe is somehow exploiting this symmetry, there must be a mirror universe very similar to oursbut invisible to us except through the gravitational impact it exerts on our world.

Identical particles to ours

That mirror universe, deduced from this apparent symmetry, would be almost identical to ours, made up of unknown particles that are copies of the particles already identified, the researchers explain.

They add that the idea of ​​the mirror universe first emerged in the 1990s, but has not been recognized until now as a potential solution to the Hubble constant problem.

Many cosmologists have been trying to resolve this discrepancy by changing the current cosmological model, although without contradicting many other cosmological phenomena, such as the cosmic microwave background.

This problem would be solved if integrates the mirror universe in a new cosmological scenarioaccording to the architects of this research, since this could explain the anomaly observed in the estimation of the expansion constant of the universe.

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not the last word

This work makes it possible to link, for the first time, the mirror universe theory to an important problem in cosmology, the researchers add, pointing out that their discovery, however, is only the beginning of the solution to the problem of the Hubble constant. Scientists are still trying to determine the correct rate of expansion of the Universe.

“We are thinking about what could be causing this and why these measures are discrepant. So this is a big problem for cosmology. We just don’t seem to understand what the Universe is doing today,” the researchers said in a statement.

The journal Physics warns, however, that the mirror universe solution is unlikely to be the last word on this problem, since it does not fully fit the cosmological model (for example, with the relative abundances of deuterium and helium in the Universe). , although he acknowledges that this obstacle is easier to solve than the discrepancy about the expansion of the universe.


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