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Palomo Spain| The dressmaker designs costumes for the New York Ballet


It is not the first time that the designs of Alejandro Gomez, Palomo Spainarrive at New York. Nor is it the first time that the surname Knowles crosses the life of the Posadas designer. It is not even the first time that the evil couturier designs the costumes for a musical show. The most recent and popular was that of the successful Spanish representative in Eurovision 2022, Chanel Terrero, but before that, in 2018, Gómez Palomo was already in charge of shaping the costumes for the dance corps of the Paris Opera.

Now, the order comes from the New York City Balletwho has thought of the creator of Posadas so that he can design the models that the eleven members of one of the works that the aforementioned ballet will perform in the so-called Fall Fashion Gala (The designs for the other two pieces will be done by Raf Simons and Giles Deacon). The event will be held the next day September 28 and it is a gala that was conceived by Sarah Jessica Parkerknown for her role in ‘Sex in New York’, and what is the president of the foundation that organizes the event, which is charitable. In fact, this very Monday, Alejandro Gómez himself will travel to the city of skyscrapers to meet with the ballet team.

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Contact with the Cordovan creator has been possible through the magazine Vogue, specifically through the photographer and editor Tony Goodman, according to what this newspaper has learned from sources at the Palomo company. In the first contact received by the designer of the organization of the event, it is explained: «I received your contact information from Tonne Goodman and her team from her from Vogue from her». And what the gala is about is added: “Each year in early fall, the New York City Ballet hosts a Fall Fashion Gala, which was conceived by Sara Jessica Parker, who is on our board.” Add that first email that “is considered one of the New York Cultural Calendar Opening Events” and that the gala consists of 2 or 3 ballets newly commissioned with “suits designed by fashion designers”. Among those who have participated on other occasions are Thom Browne, Sarah Burton, Dries Van Noten, Virgil Abloh, Marques Almeida or valentine. The payroll is completed by a total of thirty dressmakers.

This year it has been commissioned Gianna Risendirector who has been choreographing this gala for several years, to create a new ballet, which will have music by the aforementioned Solang Knowles, sister of the famous Beyonce. It is added in the letter from the organization of the show that “Mrs. Reisen is very interested in Alejandro Gómez Palomo designing the costumes for her ballet.” This letter, which was received in June, concludes by stating that the staging organizers are convinced that “Palomo’s design concepts would work perfectly with Gianna’s initial ideas for her ballet.”

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After the agreement, Palomo Spain started up and for its confection, which will be made in workshops in New YorkAlejandro Gómez has already contacted swarovski, with whom she has already worked in the Chanel wardrobe, to also endow this exclusive collection with crystals from the Austrian brand.

The challenge is, as always, important for the Cordovan designer who returns to New York through the front door, hoping to once again win over an audience with whom he intends to meet soon, since he is already considering the possibility of present a new collection in the American city. Ambassadors (or ambassadors) are not lacking, as several of the most prestigious and glamorous entertainment and music artists have relied on their designs on occasion, including Madonna herself, as well as Miley Cirus, Rita Ora or the very Beyonce, that after presenting his twins Dressed as Palomo, a few days ago she requested Posadas’ creations again for a photographic report that will be published in the near future.

And then, for the fall, Palomo Spain fashion will be in the new york scenes. The curtain rises.

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