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Raphael and Natalia Figueroa, 50 years of a dream wedding


raphael He belongs to that saga of artists that we have been listening to for years and that we know his career by heart because he is a man who has not left the stage. In fact, he now he has been celebrating his 60 years in the world of music and it still seems little to us. Like every artist of the time, his private life also crossed the sphere of privacy and his love with Natalie Figueroa occupied for years the pages of the couché paper.

Their wedding was on July 14, 1972, in Venicea dream link that a first moment was programmed as secret, but without any success, since the journalists were present in one of the most important days for the artist. Despite the fact that not even the guests themselves knew where they were going, the communication professionals managed to get close to them so as not to miss a single detail of this day… and so it was.

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They said ‘yes, I do’ in the Church of Saint Zacharias and right there the two lovebirds met all those photographers they had wanted to avoid. Instead of ruining the link, the couple posed for them and they were allowed to be during the ceremony, getting some photographs that have been and are the history of Spain.

They soon had offspring, the fruit of that love that is still as present as the first day: Jacobo, Alejandra and Manuel Martos. A love story that has become one of the longest lasting of all time and that continues to excite all the fans of the artist and the journalist who see in them the love that all of Spain perceived with those first photographs published in magazines of the time

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