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Risto Mejide the mess in Rome: publishes a ‘selfie’ leaning on the ‘Laocoon’ of the Vatican Museums


Last week there was a unexpected controversy in Twitter. One more. It is related to the visit of the Rolling Stones to Madrid, but it has nothing to do with the massive concert that their ‘Satanic Majesties’ gave before a surrendered Metropolitan Wanda. The stir came because Mick Jagger took a cultural morning and went, like so many other tourists passing through the capital, to the Reina Sofía Museum. Without detracting from the rest of the works of art, the British singer had a clear objective: contemplate the ‘Guernica’ by Pablo Picasso.

Anyone who has ever passed through the Madrid art gallery will remember that the Malaga painter’s masterpiece is constantly watched by museum workers whose mission, in addition to preventing anyone from touching the painting, is to make sure that no one takes photos of it. This totally forbidden to immortalize the oil that reflects the bombing of this Basque town. But it seems that the rule does not apply to everyone. Or at least that’s what many interpreted when the photo of Jagger in front of ‘Guernica’. The debate was created.

Does it make sense to prohibit taking photos of a painting? There are opinions for all tastes: there are those who say that it doesn’t make any sense because a simple Google search is enough to find an exact reproduction of the work. Others argue that fighting a crowd that is only looking for the best image to post on social media greatly harms those seeking a cultural experience. What everyone agrees on is that The main thing is to ensure the correct conservation of these artistic manifestations.

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But this Monday a new chapter has opened. An even deeper controversy than the one that starred in the eternal rock legend. This time the focus of criticism has been Risto Mejide.

The presenter went to Rome and got, money involved, visit alone, without being pushed or rushed, the Vatican Museums. He too was able to contemplate the beauty of the Sistine Chapel. The dream of many within the reach of very few. But, basically, nothing critical.

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The scandal is, of course, on his Instagram. Although she has erased the controversial image, the trace is still there. Risto Mejide uploaded a photo leaning on the sculpture ‘Laocoon and his children’, a work of incalculable historical value. Contrary to what happens with ‘Guernica’, it is not forbidden to take photos with the work. But, of course, in no case is it allowed to touch the marble.

In addition to the sharp criticism of the presenter, the people who commented on the photo with flattery before it disappeared have also been the object of the wrath of the tweeters. “As if I were at a bar counter everyone thinks it’s great,” wrote Juan Francisco Casas, one of the first to echo it.

And, from then on, in addition to the reproaches, the memes arrived.

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