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Rocío Carrasco and Gloria Camila, faced: “Everything has to go through me”


Much is being said these days about the controversy that has occurred with the project that existed in Chipiona for the RJ Association The Greatest and the Association of Merchants to throw some sugar cubes with the image of Rocío Jurado.

An initiative you knew about Rocio Carrasco livethis Wednesday afternoon, on ‘Sálvame Diario’ because she is preparing her performance with Henry Méndez and has made it clear that “my mother’s name and brand was placed in the hands of a cabinet and the necessary actions will be taken drink”.

Image rights

Rocío Jurado’s eldest daughter, who is the owner of the image rights of the artistis “open to being proposed, consulted and told about projects, as I receive 1,500, but they have to go through me”, so there would be no problem in carrying out this type of initiative, as long as they are consulted her and she gives the go-ahead.

Rocío explained that this type of action has been going on for years, but now He won’t let one more pass. “I have no problem, everything that is done for her image, to praise her… these are things that have been happening for a long time, but I was not correct, I have been letting you see if they call you or they ask and in the end you realize that this does not happen. It has been placed in the hands of a cabinet and they will carry the legal stuff about”.

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“They are using it”

The intervention of the protagonist of ‘In the name of Rocio‘ has ended the conversation by assuring that “Gloria is the one who has the least to do with this matter” and making her thoughts clear about her sister’s attitude: “I think they are using her, that’s it”.

For her part, her sister Gloria Camila, daughter of Rocío Jurado and Jose Ortega Cano and president of the RJ La Más Grande Cultural Association, has spoken loud and clear after the presentation of the sugar cubes in honor of Rocío Jurado was cancelled: “The only thing I can tell you is that we are an incredible association, jurists to death and everything is done with lovenonprofit. We have never earned money at the expense of anyone, least of all my mother because many people forget, but I am also a daughter and also I have the right to do what I wantbut hey, I’m not going to go into more details, I’m sorry,” he explained.

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Pulla to Rocío Carrasco

In addition, she has added that the association of which she is president is not the creator of the idea and launches a taunt her sister Rocío: “The merchants’ association has decided not to carry it out because they prefer to do nothing to have bad publicity as something illegal, when there is nothing illegal and it is all done with respect and affection. We simply show our support and that’s it , but hey, there are worse things in the world, hey. Let’s see if we focus on what’s important”, he settled.

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