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Rocío Carrasco, the great absentee in the tribute mass to Rocío Jurado in Chipiona


This Saturday is celebrated in Chipiona the International Day of Rocío Jurado and, like every year, there are many faces of the singer’s family that are being seen by the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Regla to honor ‘The Greatest’. Among them, we have already seen Jose Ortega Cano and his daughter, Gloria Camila, Rosa Benito Y Jose Antonio Rodriguez.

José Antonio Rodríguez assured us that no one has been prohibited from entering the mass in homage to Rocío Jurado: “Don’t think about it anymore, how can someone be prohibited from coming to a mass?”


As for the inauguration of the museum in honor of ‘La más Grande’, the husband of Gloria Mohedano -sister of Rocío Jurado- is discreet: “The museum when the moment arrives, today is a story and when the museum arrives I will answer you about the museum”, without answering the golden question of whether he planned to go to the inauguration.

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Later we saw arriving rose benedict -ex-sister-in-law of Rocío Jurado- attend mass and assured us that, if Rocio Carrasco she doesn’t attend, it’s because she doesn’t want to: “This is the house of God, whoever wants to come comes, you can’t hinder anyone.” As for how she feels, the collaborator assures us that she is “well” and she shows emotion when talking about her sister-in-law: “remember her, although she reminds her every day, but this is her day “.

Ortega Cano and Gloria Camila

The last to arrive was Jose Ortega Canowho did it with his daughter Glory Camila and he is very happy: “A good day”. The bullfighter’s daughter laughed when we asked her if she would be at the opening of her mother’s museum: “Hahahaha, for now I’m going to mass”, but she assures that “it’s about time” that what she would have liked so much was opened. singer to have

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During the mass, Rosa Benito was unable to control her emotion and began to cry disconsolately, remembering her former sister-in-law, according to information published by the magazine ‘Lecturas’, which did an advertorial of the event.

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