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‘Sálvame Fashion Week’, something happens between Ortega Cano and Ana Maria Aldón


In ‘Save me’ We celebrate this Wednesday fashion Week. In our own way, of course. Show, disinhibition, surrealism, creativity, a touch of glamor and a lot of professionalism. The result was that the audience was hooked. bravo for The TV Factory. They are unique creating ‘show’. There is nothing better than the reward for a job well done. 17.1% share, in these times, is total success. They gave us up for dead and we are partying, and that is also a lesson for many of those who want us to disappear from the media.

Several things surprised me about what happened behind the scenes. First, the ‘influencers’ are a plague that is getting out of hand. Not all of them, of course, but the most class-oriented and elitist. While Samantha Hudson he knew how to play, adapt and add to the program throughout the night, Madame de Rosa (Angela Rozas is the girl’s name) proved to be capricious with an ego at the height of the filters she uses on Instagram. With 700,000 followers, she considers herself a Hollywood star. When she finds out that in the real world 99% of the population doesn’t know her, she might give him a hard time getting her back.

The broken toys of the networks will also appear, and if not, at the same time. Total, that the girl, who was invited as a luxury spectator in the program, at least that’s what she believed, they had to change her location three times because, oh God, she was not in the front row. They had promised her the ‘front row’ and to suck well on camera and poor thing, she was further back than she expected. Three advertisements aimed at complaining to production partners claiming a leading role that she obviously does not deserve. Holy patience they had with her.

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Not a little bit to the diva

Second, and speaking of heart issues that are much more interesting, something happens between Ortega Cano and Ana Maria Aldón. The designer worked hard to present her collection on the show. All went well. Her designs shined. But what surprised her, and not pleasantly, was her diva attitude. I will not go into details, but I will point out that simplicity and good treatment would not be its main characteristics. But to the point.

Ortega Cano sat in the audience to witness the show and surprise his wife. With sunglasses and a disoriented attitude, he went up to the catwalk to congratulate Ana María. She bouquet of roses, smile and two kisses on the cheek. Sorry? Does your husband greet you with two kisses? But,not a bit? Here it seems that something is wrong. And indeed, the crisis in the couple is a fact. To finish off the night and make the situation even more evident, Aldón did not sleep at home. Ortega in his bed and his wife sleeping in the distance. It is not anecdotal. The bad moment they are going through is difficult to solve.

We already told you the ‘mamarazzis’ that this couple is closer to separation than enjoying summer on the beach.

And finally, and also referring to Ortega Cano, it should be noted that the bullfighter and Rocio Carrasco, also present in the program, did everything and more to not coincide. Ortega finished applauding his wife and quickly left. Terelu Campos explained that “Ortega ran terrified so as not to cross paths with Rocío Carrasco.” Yes, the man is very brave to torture animals, but very cowardly to face the uncomfortable situations of life.

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Anna Quintana

The good news of the week stars the presenter of Telecinco. Reappeared in Las Ventas to see fight Moorish from Puebla. The reporters asked him about his state of health, and he assured: “I’m great. I think we’ve overcome this.” In the next weeks Ana Rosa plans to go on vacation with her husband and children. Once the rest and summer time has passed, the colleagues from their production company explain to the ‘mamarazzis’ that the intention Ana Rosa is to return to the front of her program in the month of September, October at the latest. Hopefully.

‘Top Guns 2’

Everyone in the 80s enjoyed the love story between Maverick (Tom Cruise) Y Charlie (Kelly McGillis) in ‘Top Guns’. The film was a total success and, almost 40 years later, they have recorded the second part. And oh surprise, the leading actress will not be. She is now 64 years old and her appearance is that of a 64-year-old woman, with a weight that is far from the established beauty canons. And of course, that is inadmissible for the film industry.

It doesn’t matter if Tom Cruise is so retreaded he looks like a Cabbage Patch Kids. Everything is allowed to him. Instead, Kelly McGillis does not. She herself has explained in an interview that surely she has been excluded from it for “too old and fat”. XXI century and so we are. And if her physique was not enough to marginalize her, she recently confessed that she is a lesbian. let’s finish That way, yes, no. A fat old lesbian in a starring role as Tom Cruise’s partner? Impossible.

The patriarchy would have its head explode just thinking about that possibility.

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