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Santiago Segura suffers an accident that almost cost him his life


He passed out in the bathroom. “I busted my ear on the ground. I woke up in a pool of blood. They had to give me twelve points.” This is how the actor and director Santiago Segura summarizes on Instagram the accident that almost cost him his life this Friday because of “the pressure, anxiety and accumulated tension”.

“It’s good that you know -justifies his post- that ‘los famosetes’ also have/have bad moments like every son of a neighbor”. “Life -he insists- is not always wonderful”.

The filmmaker was shooting the third installment of ‘Father there is but one‘. The filming, he confesses, has been “particularly complicated”. “The sixth wave has brought plan changesstoppages, delays and even the loss of some member of the cast for the damn coronavirus”, he details. Stress ended up billing him on Friday. He fell flat in the bathroom.

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The actor and director shows his ear wound on Instagram, now without stitches. This weekend, he informs him, he is performing in Alicante with Flo and Mota. “All good”, promise. “Although I can’t forget – she adds later – that if instead of cushioning the blow with his ear, he had fallen on the back of the neck or the temple, maybe I wouldn’t be here telling it”.

Moral: “Enjoy life -concludes Segura-, that any day can be the last”. “And watch out for stress and tension, they are deadly weapons!”

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