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Serrat, star of the vip conclave and solidarity at the MNAC


Making a hole in his international farewell tour, Joan Manuel Serrat did not want to miss the Gala People in Red of his friend the doctor Bonaventura Clotet. He was not seen late Thursday afternoon at the ‘photocall’, outside the Museum of Art of Catalonia (MNAC)which again extended its Red carpet to welcome dozens and dozens of VIPs from the world of cinema, politics, sports and communication. Everyone, with a smile from ear to ear, and the majority, following the ‘dress code’ of the night: black-tie and with at least some red detailthe ‘corporate’ color of the gala.

‘El noi de Poble Sec’, 78 years old, was last night the main dish of the charity menu led to hit ‘walkie talkie’ with a perfect choreography of waiters by the chef Nandu Jubany, who was hoarsed several times calling the almost 600 diners of the appointment to finish the appetizers and sit at the tables.

The most requested of the year

Serrat’s performance, one of the last live shows that will be remembered, since the most requested international artist this year, with permission from Rosalíahas been saying goodbye since April with a world tour of 70 concerts that began in New York and will end in December in Barcelona, ​​it was delayed almost an hour over schedule, but it was worth finishing off the desserts with ‘Me’n vaig a peu’, ‘Serà fantàstic’, ‘Those little things’ and, of course, ‘Mediterráneo’which raised the respectable from the seats.

Then, the collection of the night was already known: 775,683 euros (similar to that of 2018 and somewhat lower than the previous gala, that of 2019, shortly before the pandemic).

Four hours before the figure was known, all attendees had arrived with a smile from ear to earand most, following ethe ‘dress code’ of the night: of dress and with at least some red detail, the ‘corporate’ color of the People in Red Gala.

Actors Omar Ayuso (‘Elite’), the couple of Marc Clotet and protagonist of ‘The heirs of the Earth’, Natalie Sanchez (spectacular with a red Pronovias dress and Rabat jewels)Albert Baro (‘Merlí’ and ‘Welcome to Eden’), Peter Vives (‘The time between seams’), the journalist Xavier Sarda; the designer John Avellaneda (wearing bold red socks), as well as the humorist Carlos Later, Y Darko Peric (lovely Helsinki from ‘LCDP’, who took photos on the sidelines of the ‘photocall’ with the fans of the series who were walking near the party) were among the first to parade before the MNAC, scratching the sunset. A precious postcard stamp to celebrate that one of the most glamorous evenings in Barcelona is back.

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The first, Clotet

Of course, the first to arrive and greet everyone was Mr. promoter of the vip and solidarity saraothe doctor Bonaventura Clotetwhich replaced the already classic red bow tie for this 11th edition of a quotewhich in addition to being one of the great social events on the Catalan scene, has as its goal raise funds for HIV research. After the pandemic break, in addition, last night’s party served to welcome the new stage of the foundation promoted by the prestigious researcher, who, after 30 years, will be renamed Lluita Foundation Against AIDS and Infections (the fourth cause of death by disease in the world).

“It’s a logical evolution. 30 years ago, AIDS was the most serious epidemic in history.. But in all this time other infections have come out, which we have investigated. But the research is not being promoted enough, that’s why it is necessary that we all contribute our bit in galas like these“, explained to the press the president of the foundation supported by his children and his wife.

In addition to Marc, with a red bow tie, Aina She posed with almost all the guests, including the designer of her impressive night blue velvet cut-out dress, the Barcelona dressmaker Cristina Tamborero, who not long ago made her debut in Paris.

Pranks from the ‘red carpet’

Of course, the conductors of the evening, Silvia Abril and Andreu Buenafuente, a humorous and sentimental couple who graduated with grades from the Goyas, also arrived early and attended the media with their usual humour. She, already inside, changed the red model for a long pleated skirt and a T-shirt with a message: a virus-bomb, crossed out, and with the word ‘prou’ (enough), which needs few explanations, and if you want, it can be purchased on the same website (lluita.org) of the Clotet foundation. (The design is by Buenafuente himself, by the way).

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After the reception, and after six hundred people were accommodated, among them, the ‘president’ of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonesthe mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colauthe ‘ex-president’ Artur Mas and lady, and the very Pep Guardiola-very simple, with a white cotton T-shirt -, a dinner designed and directed by the Chef Jubany, a benchmark of haute cuisine with a Michelin star. A delicious agape for which the attendees had to pay handsomely, between 600 and 1,000 eurosWell, it’s about pitching in to help Clotet’s foundation.

Faces well known to the younger audience, such as the ‘influencers’ Jessica Goicoechea, Marta Diaz, Angela Marmol and Raquel Reitxamong many others, were also protagonists of a night in which the illusionist and accomplice with the foundation also performed mag lariand the DJ Fede Sarda. The brooch of the ‘party’ put it Manel Vehi, with its famous cocktails.

Last gala, in 2019

In the tenth edition of the People in Red Gala, at the Sant Jordi Club in Barcelona, ​​more than 900 people gathered for a very musical vip dinner, directed by the producer Tony Cruz and with Jesus Vazquez as ambassador, presenter and one-man band. Then they collected €926,000and numerous familiar faces passed through its red carpet: Eugenia Silva, Manuela Vellés, Nora Navas, Mireia Canalda and Felipe López, Carles Puyol and Vanesa Lorenzo, Martina Klein and Àlex Corretja, Natalia Sánchez and Marc Clotet, Aina Clotet, Juan Avellaneda, Judit Mascó, Laura Escanes, Gemma Mengual, Ona Carbonell and Pablo Ibáñez, Bruno Oro, Las Supremas de Móstoles, Aldo Comas and Macarena Gómezamong others.

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