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Shakira confirms that she is separating from Gerard Piqué


Singer Shakira confirmed this Saturday that he is separating from his partner, the soccer player of FC Barcelona Gerard Piqué. “We regret to confirm that we are parting ways. For the well-being of our kidswhich are ours Maximum priorityWe ask for respect for privacy. Thank you for your understanding,” says a terse statement released by the artist’s communication agency.

The break confirmation arrives after EL PERIÓDICO made the hare jump sentimental crisis that the couple went through. On Tuesday, the journalist Emilio Pérez de Rozas reported that the Barça defender was once again living in his bachelor’s apartment, located on the street Muntaner of Barcelona. A day later, the ‘mamarazzis‘ Lorena Vázquez and Laura Fa confirmed that the reason for the distancing was a possible infidelity of the player. “Shakira has caught Piqué with another,” they assured.

Shakira would be aware of the disloyalty and I would put face and name to the third in disagreement. “That’s why he would have made the decision to separate,” Fa added. A day after the exclusive, on Thursday, the “Mamarazzis” identified the woman: a 22-year-old blonde who works as an event hostess.

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“The appearance of this young woman in Piqué’s life could have caused the couple to live temporarily apart, despite the fact that we do not know the nature of the relationship between them,” the journalists explain.

Shakira, to the hospital for an anxiety crisis

Four days after the exclusive of this newspaper that affirmed Piqué’s infidelity to Shakira was in the media, the singer suffered a nervous episode. On Saturday afternoon there were the cars of the artist and the Barça defender parked on the right side of one of the roads in Esplugues of Llobregat (Barcelona).

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But the most shocking thing was the presence of an ambulance where Shakira was inside, very nervous and unable to stop crying because I was having an anxiety attack. She had to be treated by an ambulance and taken to the clinic. Teknon from Barcelona.

Piqué, “unleashed” in the Barcelona night

Piqué not only “spends nights and days” in his bachelor apartment in Barcelona for a month. Vázquez and Fa explained the details of his new routine: “He’s unleashed” and “he’s out of control,” said Laura Fa. In this sense, the journalists of the heart have explained that he frequents, along with his teammate Riqui Puigthe reserved ones of the discos bling bling Y Patternboth located in the high side of the Catalan capital. And in both places, he “has been seen accompanied by other women.”

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