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Shakira wanted to return with Piqué on two occasions


The separation of Gerard Piqué and Shakira is going to become in the talk of summer, a break that seems not to have been easy, especially for the Colombian singer, as revealed by the medium 20 Minutes.

The digital newspaper assures that, although the decision has already been made, Shakira tried to resume the relationship up to two times. He loves the father of his children very much, and although he would have suffered (you can tell by reading the lyrics of his latest single, I congratulate you), I wanted to close the wound and start over.

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Piqué would not have wanted to return with Shakira, perhaps because he has fallen out of love and seems to be excited about another woman. At the moment, this last fact has not been confirmed, but he is already at her bachelor’s address waiting for the divorce to end.

A decade and two years later, several confrontations with the law and a couple of children later, the relationship ends as suddenly as it began. Or not?

In fact, on May 27, during an interview with the This Morning program, Shakira spoke frankly about the lyrics of her song and assured that “It happens to all of us, once in a while, to women. You think you’re in a sincere relationship, but it’s not as real as you thought” and finished off his words by assuring that what he was looking for while writing this letter was “to know the truth”.

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