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Shakira’s father returns home after the serious fall he suffered in May


A week ago, and coinciding with the Insistent rumors of crisis with Gerard Piqué for an alleged infidelity of the footballer, an ambulance went to Shakira’s home in Barcelona, unleashing speculation about a strong anxiety attack of the singer caused by her breakup with the one who has been her partner for the last 12 years. Information that the Colombian it didn’t take long to deny shortly after confirming this Saturday his separation from the culé through a brief joint statement in which the couple limited themselves to asking respect for your children Milan and Sasha, his great priority in these delicate moments.

Aware of her fans’ concern about her alleged nervous breakdown after her breakup with Piqué, Shakira He broke his silence on Twitter to explain that the ambulance at her home was not for her but for her father, William Mebarak, who “unfortunately had a major fall last Saturday May 28“That day I personally accompanied him in an ambulance to the hospital, where he is recovering favorably,” he added, publishing an image giving his father an affectionate kiss, with a bruised face and a bandage on his right eyebrow.

noticeable improvement

However, the improvement of William Mebarak It has been remarkable in recent days and this Monday he was discharged from the hospital after a little more than a week in hospital, so he is already resting with his family at home. Great news for Shakira, very close to their parents and at a complicated moment because of his separation from Piqué.

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With the unconditional support of his wife, Nidia Ripoll, his driver and a domestic worker, William has been seen arriving by car at the singer’s house, with a bandage on his forehead and part of his face bruised by the aftermath of the fall. Always very discreet with Shakira’s personal life, her parents have turned a deaf ear to questions about her breakup with Piqué, avoiding commenting on how her daughter is facing the tough decision to end their relationship after 12 years. of love.

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