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So are the new Iberia uniforms designed by Teresa Helbig


Iberia opened this Wednesday flights with North American cities Washington and Dallas, while recovering the route with San Francisco. With this it raises nine fates those operating in the United States. In addition, it will offer new experience on board for its clients and premiered this Wednesday uniforms for its crew.

The uniforms have been created by the designer Theresa Helbigwhich was chosen to carry out the designs of the Spanish airline in 2018, and they were presented at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion in Madrid in February 2020. The Catalan was selected from among 30 candidates that participated in the competition to dress the more than 6,500 airline employees.


Iberia’s new commitment is part of its project #Talentonboardwhich aims to support consolidated and emerging national talents under the airline’s commitment to highlight and internationalize Spanish culture.

Iberia has also relied on a Spanish company, El Corte Inglés, to make its uniforms, which from this Wednesday will be worn by all male and female flight and ground staff.

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About twenty garments

Helbig has created for Iberia nearly one twenty garments and accessories including dresses, skirts, pants, blouses, shirts, coats, bags, gloves, maternity dresses, cardigans, blazers, vests, scarves, knit sweaters, polo shirts or ties.

The garments, in addition to being comfortable and functionalThey maintain their style and elegance over the years. “There is a retro homage in the jackets, a very attractive unisex brio in the coat, the feminine pants flee from the rigid and seek to be accomplices of women’s movements; we have imagined dresses that we would like to wear on the street every day; there are a reinterpretation of the iconic pencil skirt suit and we have also given a lot of importance to the accessories”, explained Helbig in the presentation.

Blue, red, yellow and raw tones

Blue, red, yellow and raw tones predominate in the proposal of one of the favorite designers on the Spanish scene. The Navy blue it is the symbol of balance; red and yellow They are the company’s identifying colors: “Red, which embodies passion, dedication and vitality, and yellow which, in addition to being one of Iberia’s colors, is stimulating, young and energetic,” explained the Catalan designer.

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The crude oil is “authentic, natural, rested and very elegant,” Helbig said at the time. And, to complement the mosaic of colors, both in details that appear and disappear with movement in the neck, cuffs and back, as well as in elements such as blouses.

New gastronomic offer

inside this new betthe airline prepares a new experience on board for customers with a renewal of their gastronomic offer with local and seasonal products that seeks to value the gastronomic wealth of our country.

The on-board entertainment system has also been enriched with over 160 moviesanother 480 series, documentaries and master classes and more than 230 music options.

In addition, it will now be offered free messaging throughout the flight for Iberia Plus customers and those traveling in the Business Cabin, to share messages through Whatsapp, Telegram, Messenger or Facebook Messenger, as well as send emails without attachments.

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