Home Sciences Started the development of the first ketchup bottle made with recyclable paper

Started the development of the first ketchup bottle made with recyclable paper


Two companies have come together for the creation of a ketchup bottle made with recyclable paperto be able to develop a paper bottle renewable and recyclable, made 100% with wood pulp from sustainable sources, according to a statement. The two companies in question are Heinz, an agri-food company, and Pulpex, an innovative company in paper packaging.

Specifically, the multinational bets on innovating in its iconic bottle to become the first sauce brand to test the potential of these sustainable paper containers in its range of condiments.

Objective: less environmental footprint

In addition, this collaboration represents for Heinz a progress on your way to reducing your environmental footprint. In fact, this progress is in line with the company’s goal that all its packaging be recyclable, reusable or compostable worldwide by 2025.

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This collaboration will also help Heinz to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

“The development of this new packaging, created from recyclable paper, shows that Heinz continues to bet on offering its consumers the best products with the best possible packaging for a sustainable future”, said the director of marketing for Heinz Spain, Elisenda Picola.

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