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Stradivarius presents its first 100% recycled denim collection


Stradivarius presents ‘ØWaste Denim’a new collection produced with original denim fabric 100% recycled. It has a total of nine garmentsall of them made with reused fibers that come from unusable garments, production scraps and recycled plastic bottles.

This new line, It is already available on the web and in some physical stores, was born with the intention of creating a circular product that is more respectful of the environment. Work with clothing three different shades of blue, among which skirts, ‘shorts’, light jackets, pants, a dress, a ‘bralette’ and a bag.

Less water and CO2

Its manufacture is based on the transformation of old clothing into fiber, the manufacture of new thread from it, and the subsequent weaving and washing of new articles. All this is done by prioritizing proximity to the origin of the materials and dispensing with colorants, which greatly reduces water and CO2 consumptionalso contributing to the reduction of waste.

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In addition, the first part of this entire process, which consists of the manual extraction of the non-textile parts of the unusable garments (buttons, zippers, labels…), is carried out with the collaboration of two organizations for the labor integration of people at risk of social exclusion.

In this way, the Inditex group brand tries to take more responsible initiatives with the environment and tries to appeal the effects of ‘fast fashion’ production.

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