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Supermodel Bella Hadid joins the metaverse with an NFT collection


The Super model American Bella Hadid went from the catwalk to metaverse with the launch of CY-B3LLAa collection of 11,111 non-fungible tokens (NFT) based on 3D scans of his face and body. “He was super fun,” the mannequin explained to Reuters. Regarding the creation process and the final results, she has stated that the works of art have their “exact facial expressions”.

Hadid, 25, has explained that she is intrigued by the environments of virtual world shared and that she wanted to make “cool versions” of herself after becoming obsessed with video game during the lockdown for him covid. Previously, in your account Instagram explained that he would create NFT to “encourage travel, community, growth, fantasy and human interactions“.

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Various versions of Hadid

NFTs are a digital asset that exists in the blockchain, a network transaction log. Hadid’s collection has been made in collaboration with the reBASE minting platform. CY-B3LLA is inspired by 10 countries and has the contribution of artists from each of them. Regarding the number of tokens created, it is not trivial: 11,111 is the model’s lucky number.

“Seeing what kind of version of me his brain made up was really interesting… There are so many different versions of me you could make and none that I could dream of,” she said. The first batch of works that has seen the light show a Hadid of robotic style inspired by Japan. The rest of the digital assets and locations will be revealed gradually until September.

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Each NFT has a reward

Each NFT also functions as a passport to a global community, unlocking rewards and allowing the holder access to real events attended by Hadid. The date on which these NFTs can be purchased has not yet been announced, but interested buyers can now register online. “It’s really exciting to see that people really want to participate,” Hadid said.

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