Home Celebrities Tamara Gorro and Ezequiel Garay reappear together after their reconciliation

Tamara Gorro and Ezequiel Garay reappear together after their reconciliation


“Better together”. With these simple words and a beautiful image of Ezequiel Garay and her looking at each other smiling about to kiss, Tamara Gorro announced this weekend through her social networks the best news: Almost six months after their separationthe couple has decided to give their love a second chance.

Shortly after, and showing his affection for his ‘virtual family‘ – which is growing by leaps and bounds and already has 2 million members on Instagram – the influencer published several stories with her first words about her reconciliation: “Second chances say they are not good, I am going to challenge. If the thing goes well, go ahead, if things go wrong, nothing happens”. “Now what remains is for my head to be fixed, that I recover one hundred percent. I’m in a new phase and I’m excited, I’m excited, we’re content and happy.” “If it goes well, great, if it goes wrong, nothing happens, we’ll have to continue, but… it’s going to be great!” he pointed with a big smile.

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And now we finally see the first images of Tamara and Ezequiel hand in hand, happy and wasting love and complicity in this new and exciting opportunity for their love. Radiant with a low-cut black dress and a striking red maxi necklace, the influencer has attended us with the most smiling while the former soccer player, very shy, has preferred to remain in a discreet background before the jokes of his wife: “Look how ready, look how he hides. You’re so smart!”.

“That’s what I told my virtual family on social networks and that’s it, let’s go for it all” he pointed out with a smile, confessing that he hopes “for the account that brings us” May this second chance go well.

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A second chance that they face with all the desire in the world, although Tamara admits that now the “priority” is to get back to being well and recover from the depression that she has suffered for some time to return to being her usual self: “Everything would be there, it’s like the work of the house that ends and that’s it”. “I feel better. Mine are ups and downs, but I have to say that I’ve had some excellent days,” he reveals.

At her side, looking at her with infinite tenderness, Garay who, assuring that “she is the protagonist” in their reconciliation, confesses that he is “very pleased and very happy.”

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