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The alleged son of Julio Iglesias appeals to the Strasbourg Court


The lawyer Fernando Osuna, who represents the alleged Valencian son of the singer Julio Iglesias, Javier Sánchez Santos, presents this Monday an appeal in defense of this cause of affiliation before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) of Strasbourg (France).

As reported by Osuna’s office in a statement, this appeal is presented with the intention of defending “the genetic truth about res judicata”, given that The supposed son of the singer has a genetic report that establishes the family link.

This test was obtained by a private detective in the United States, who collected an object abandoned by Julio José Iglesias Preysler and determined that there is a 99% genetic link between the two, according to Efe.

The legal case that began in 2019 in the Valencian courts concluded its possible journey through the Spanish Justice last March, when the Constitutional Court rejected the appeal raised by this alleged son of Julio Iglesias to have the singer’s paternity recognized, considering that it is “thing already judged”.

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In 2020, the tenth section of the Provincial Court of Valencia revoked the ruling by which the Court of First Instance number 13 of Valencia upheld a year earlier the paternity suit filed by Javier Sánchez Santos, 44, against the singer when appreciating “res judicata”, without going into the merits of the matter, given that the alleged son and his mother had previously promoted other legal actions.

Subsequently, both The Supreme Court, in 2021, and later the Constitutional Court have dismissed the resources of the defense of Javier Sánchez Santos, considering that it is “res judicata”.

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In a press release, Osuna trusts that the ECHR “is not going to contradict its own sentences” and lists up to eleven similar pronouncements in which, as he assures, “the genetic truth prevails, that is, the scientific reality over res judicata or the prohibition of reopening a trial for procedural issues.”

The alleged violation of Article 8 of the Human Rights Convention consists of the violation of the plaintiff’s right to file a new process to declare his biological paternal affiliation.

In the opinion of the Sevillian lawyer Fernando Osuna, it is the judgment of second instance of the Tenth Section of the Provincial Court of Valencia of May 6, 2020 that commits the violation when it revokes the judgment approving the affiliation of first instance

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