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The best-selling sports shoes in 2022


The sneakers they are fashionable footwear, the great trend of this century, the one that sells the most, the coolest. Comfortable, practical and modern, it is one of the accessories of the moment to give a final touch to a look 10.

Nike and Adidas, with their hundreds of models (new and constant retro reissues) compete for a sales podium where other brands also fit, such as Skechers, VF Corp (the Vans), New Balance, Puma, Asics, Crocs and Under Armor , as well as the Chinese Anta and Li-Ning, who have been pushing hard.

About the preferences of the fans of the ‘sneakers’ knows a lot StockX, the leading e-commerce platform for sneakers, collectibles, electronics and apparel. Founded in 2015 by Josh Luber, the web portal acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers, a kind of stock exchange through which you can meet what are the most sought after sneakers and for which people are willing to pay more.

Almost in real time, you can find out which are the coolest models and what has been the fluctuation of their demand and prices in recent months.

With all this data, StockX publishes a report entirely dedicated to the sneaker world. In its latest edition, ‘Big Facts’ highlights how, for each city in the world there are specific trends, according to their tastes and traditions.

This is the map according to the shoes of the moment ūüĎü



Nike Air Max 1

The Nike Air Max 1 is a classic that never goes out of style, especially in its red or white version (easily combinable with any ‘look’). The most purchased ‘sneaker’ in Spain (its sales have quadrupled compared to 2021) costs around ‚ā¨130.

His story began in 1979 when Frank Rudyinventor and former NASA workerwas hired by Nike to evolve the cushioning of your trainers. And he came up with what we now know as AIRan air unit (it is actually nitrogen) on the sole of the shoe for cushioning.

Later, in 1987, the brand hired Tinker Hatfield to renovate their stores, and little by little they also commissioned new designs for their shoes.

Inspired by the Pompidou Center in Paris, a building that has a large part of its mechanisms on view, he came up with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčexposing the AIR, through a window in the midsole. The first Nike Air Max 1 came out on March 26, 1987. In his honor, the third month of each year reissues and innovations of the model are released.

In Milan, capital of Italian fashion and cradle of the most sophisticated and important firms on the luxury scene, if you look at the ground you will see a model of the American brand of the ‘swoosh’, the Nike Dunk Low, preferred by the most important fashion ‘celebs’ in the country.

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The versions with more hook are the white, the black and the Easter Candy (the best sellers so far this year, with a double increase in demand compared to 2021).

The Nike Dunk Low SE Easter Candy for women were launched in June 2021 (starting at 110 euros, although today they exceed 200 on the StockX portal).

The Nike Dunk Low dates from the mid-1980s, but in 2020 they experienced a real ‘boom’. Peter Moore He designed them as a basketball shoe, but since 2000 it has positioned itself as one of the shoes in the skate world. They are of all colors.

United Kingdom:

Balenciaga Track

The ‘British fashion addicts’ are crazy about everything that smells like original and avant-garde; also when it comes to fashion for your feet. Thus, the Balenciaga Track Black, ergonomic and eclectic, they have positioned themselves as the most purchased sneakers by the British. They are also, in the version Runner Bluewhich give a touch of color to the most normative ‘outfits’. Both models have increased their sales five times compared to 2021.

After his ‘FW18’ runway debutthe ‘hype’ around this Balenciaga model has been rising to unsuspected levels, thanks to its trending style of the moment: trekking and running airs. Your price fluctuates between ‚ā¨700 and ‚ā¨800.


New Balance 327 X Casablanca

The chic, impeccable and elegant style of the New Balance 327 X Casablanca (Monogram) It is the one that the French like the most. The green or red model – about 220 euros -, especially. They are the ideal complement for romantic walks along the Seine or a tour of the Montmatre district. So much so that its demand has quadrupled compared to 2021.

With a ’70s vibe, the 237 shaves off its chunky figure and is sold as an easy-to-wear, go-with-everything sneaker. They start from a perforated white leather base finished with a stone-colored suede overlay in the lace area. The Casablanca Monogram Pattern It has spread along the surface of the shoe and has taken over all the protagonism, dyeing it red and green. The same colors are repeated in the ‘oversize’ logo of the N, and the pine green is recovered on the sole.


Adidas ZX 8500 Overkill Graffiti

How could it be otherwise, in Germany the best-selling shoe is a model of its brand par excellence, Adidas. After returning from the front lines of the First World War, the brothers Rudolf and Adolf ‘Adi’ Dassler They created shoes for the new athletes in the laundry room of their mother’s house.

His models immediately became popular, and the very Jesse Owens used the brand when he won four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympicswhich catapulted the brand.

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Now, in that city, the capital of the ‘underground’, the most sought-after models are the ZX 0000 Evolution White Bright Blue waves ZX 8500 Overkill Graffiti, in perfect harmony with the murals that surround the German capital. These ‘sneakers’, which are sold for about 150 euros, have multiplied their demand by seven compared to last year.



Yeezy Boost 350

In the Antipodes, the ‘must have’ par excellence is the iconic model of Yeezy Boost 350, which in the last 12 months has multiplied its sales by five. What are the strengths of this shoe, whose current price close to 300 euros, and who represented the first success of Kanye West and Adidas?

The controversial rapper signed for Adidas in 2013, after leaving Nike scalded. He had designed several swoosh-branded models that were selling like hotcakes. But the musician asked Nike for a percentage for each pair that left the store, and the brand refused. So Ye went to the competition (in exchange for 5% of each sport).

The 350 arrived in 2015 and unleashed the madness: people camped in front of the stores to get a pair. That’s why today they are cult and collector’s item.



Nike Dunk Low Undefeated

of the iconic Nike collaboration with Los Angeles store This model emerges dunk lowreminiscent of the 2006 Air Force 1 ‘InsideOut Priority’ collaboration. elegant sneakers in which they apply different shades of brown in the upper part, composed of smooth leather and printed textile. Tonal leather trims surround the top layer of the eyelet and forefoot, while a yellow swoosh glitter runs through the midfoot.

Unlike its predecessor, this pair – which is sold from ‚ā¨270 and that has tripled its sales compared to last year– removes the printed graphic on the midsole that says “On Your Feet Kid” and adds a five strikes logo embroidery on the side heel. Undefeated’s signature emblem is repeated on the woven tongue label.

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