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The bullfighter Miguel Báez ‘El Litri’ dies


The Huelva bullfighter of the 1950s Miguel Baez Espuny ‘El Litri’ has died today in Madrid, at the age of 91, as confirmed by Efe in sources close to the family.

liter suffered from a long illness for years that kept him away from public life, so he was also unable to attend the second wedding of his son, also a bullfighter with the same nickname Miguel Báez Spínola, with the art historian Casilda Ybarra, held on the 14th in Seville.

Personal life

Although born in the Valencian town of Gandíaon October 5, 1930, the deceased right-hander he grew up and became a bullfighter in Huelvafrom where he was launched as a novillero to form with Julio Aparicio one of the most famous pairs of bullfighters in history.

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After taking the alternative on October 12, 1950 in the Plaza de Valencia, also together with Aparicio, Litri was one of the most popular bullfighting figures of the 1950swith a great regularity in the triumph practicing a “tremendista” line bullfighting.

In a race full of comings and goings,he performed for the last time dressed in lights in September 1987when he gave his son the alternative in the Roman amphitheater of Nimes, the same day that Paco Camino also did it with his first-born Rafael.

Thus, the mortal remains of Litri are being veiled in the San Isidro funeral home in Madrid.

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