Home Celebrities The comedian Dave Chapelle suffers an assault during a show

The comedian Dave Chapelle suffers an assault during a show


The humorist Dave Chapelle suffered an attack this past Tuesday during a performance at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

The comedian, one of the most important comedy figures in the US, was at the end of a presentation organized by Netflix and a man who has been identified as 23-year-old Isaiah Lee, took the stage to try to knock him down.

The security team immediately intervened along with some of the guests present. Lee was taken to the hospital and is now required to post a $30,000 bond. Police say the attacker was armed with a fake gun..

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“I don’t know if this was part of the show, but I grabbed this black by the head and his hair was like a sponge, absorbent,” Chappelle joked after the incident.

Chapelle has been in the eye of criticism for his constant jokes about the LGTBI + collective. He also publicly defended the rapper Da Baby, who claimed that AIDS was a kind of divine punishment against homosexuals and confronted several users of social networks such as Twitter defending the right to “freedom of expression”.

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