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The defense of an “influencer” to Georgina for the cruel comments about her body in a bikini


Aesthetic pressure and fat phobia are problems that women, including celebrities, face on a daily basis. Georgina Rodriguez is being the victim of numerous critics for some pictures they took of him bikini when he was in Majorcaon vacation with Cristiano Ronaldo and his family.

These Photographs they were carried out unexpectedly; no Instagram filters and no poses. Something to which the public seems not to be accustomed, and has reacted with cruelty before him actual body of a Georgina who just three months ago gave birth to two babies, one of whom died shortly after delivery. Apparently, the current physique of ‘Gio’ is unacceptable for some individuals, who have dared to make fun of his “sloppiness”, his belly or your cellulitis.

The response of an ‘influencer’

Faced with this situation, the ‘influencer’ Marina Llorca has not been able to remain silent and has published a ‘post’ in Instagram in which she appears herself and, next, a photograph of Georgina, very similar and in the same pose. The images are accompanied by a text claim that says the following:

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We demand naturalness, but when we see it, we despise it (…) It is Georgina unprepared, with a strong light, relaxed and without makeup. Just as she is she, just as any of us could be. And the disqualifications and mockery of her body have not been slow to appear. What if cellulite, what if belly, what if laziness… Have we forgotten that she has gone through childbirth? What bodies change? What is not a robot? And your mental health? Does it not matter anymore?

The text continues as follows: “It only matters that it is perfect. Because it MUST be perfect. Well, I’m going to tell you, what seems to be, a secret: this is the natural state of a woman the vast majority of the time. And yes, what happens in our lives can also affect our physique. It seems that how you look is much more important than how you feel.”.

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“We want people to show themselves as they are, and when we see them, we laugh at them, humiliate them and shame them. So we want to reduce the pressure towards the image of oneself? Let’s make peace with our body, because our prejudices go hand in hand with our insecurities,” the message concludes.

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