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The Government cuts subsidies to circuses with wild animals


Circuses with wild animals have been excluded from the latest aid calls last March -and whose application period ended in April- by the Ministry of Culture and Sports for these shows, thus complying with the moratorium established in 2019.

The Ministry of Culture gave in 2019 a period of three years for circuses to stop using wild animals in their shows. Otherwise, he announced that they would not be able to access subsidies through the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM). Although in general terms the companies in the sector have been eliminating the presence of animals in their shows, forced in part by the ordinances of many cities and autonomous communities, there are still three that do include them, and for this reason they will lose the subsidies they received.

The objective of the measure is to avoid the suffering suffered by wild animals in circuses as a result of both constant displacement, life in permanent captivity and the obligation to perform exercises in front of the public.

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Throughout these three years, in addition, in the call for aid, the presentation of a plan for abandoning the use of this type of animal has been especially valued. However, in the call for aid to which Europa Press has had access, it is specified that circus tours with animals through foreign territory are still eligiblealthough it will be the last year.

If animals are used in the show, proper treatment must be accredited by means of a certification issued by a public entity or, failing that, by an independent organization, competent in the matter, with a scope equal to or greater than the regional one, in order to opt for the subsidies.

Likewise, compliance with the regulations of zoological centers of the Autonomous Community of origin must be accredited by means of a certification issued by a collegiate veterinary doctor. For this modality, the aforementioned call for aid will be the last in which the applicants can make use of wild animals in their shows.

InfoCircos, against public subsidies

InfoCircos, an entity that promotes animal-free circuses, considers this change in subsidies “as a victorythe result of an agreement with the INAEM (National Institute of Performing Arts and Music).” In February 2016, together with the actresses Natalie Seseña and Lluvia Rojo, InfoCircos delivered to this organization more than 100,000 signatures collected in one month against public subsidies intended for circuses with wild animals.

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InfoCircos estimates suggest that subsidies could range between 10,000 and 40,000 euros per year per circus, although in recent years “there has been a gradual decrease in the aid granted to circuses with animals, in line with the conversion process that the circuses themselves undertook towards shows without animals”.

According to this association, there are three Spanish circuses that continue to use wild animals in their shows. “Even those who still maintain them, have an alternative performance program without animals to perform in those municipalities and regions where the presence of wild animals is no longer authorized,” he concluded.

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