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The ‘influencer’ Lovely Pepa will be a mother: there is already a date for her first baby


Almost three years after giving the “yes, I want” with Ghassan Fallaha, the ‘influencer’ from Vigo Alexandra Pereira, commonly known as Lovely Pepa on social networks, has announced that she is going to be a mother. The ‘instagrammer’, in addition, has already set a date for the arrival of her first baby: it will be in August.

“A mini us coming to your screens in August 2022. Mom and dad love you and can’t wait to meet you,” the young woman posted on Instagram along with an emotional video in which shows the moment you found out you were pregnant, through a test; the first images of him with the tummy; and even an ultrasound of the firstborn, among other scenes. At every moment, Lovely Pepa is accompanied by her future father, Lebanese businessman -raised in Canada- Ghassan Fallaha, whom he met almost 8 years ago.

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Perhaps the most exciting part of the announcement is carried out by the relatives upon learning of the great news.. The fans have responded to the publication with words of joy at one of the most beautiful moments of the beauty and fashion ‘influencer’ -she also participated as a model on a Dolce & Gabbana catwalk at Milan Fashion Week-, which already has 2,169 ,000 followers on Instagram after a meteoric growth in recent years thanks to her line of clothing and accessories, which bears the same name as her personal brand.

The Galician, in addition, He made headlines four years ago for his courage to publicly denounce the ‘bullying’ he had suffered as a teenager, occasion that she connected to condemn the systematic persecution that was being carried out towards her in the forums of the website of Vogue magazine, which forced the header to eliminate its historical space.

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