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The journalist reappears showing her new look


At the end of 2021 Anna Quintana appeared, like every morning, on ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’ and left us cold at the confess that she had breast cancer and what do I know retired from television to treat himself and focus on his family.

The journalist has been missing from the media spotlight, leaving some posts on her Instagram profile to inform her followers that her cancer treatment was going well.

In recent months we have been able to see the television presenter reappear in the bullring accompanied by her partner and close friend, Cristina Tárrega and there she confessed to us that after the summer she will rejoin her program because she has already overcome cancer. A piece of news that made us all happy and that made us see how the journalist had overcome this illness with the best of smiles.

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This Saturday we have seen Ana Rosa enjoy the end-of-season party of the producer Unicorn and the truth is that it has reappeared radiant. On this occasion, the journalist has opted for a long black jumpsuit and has been seen with very short hair, yes, with a smile from ear to ear that reflects happiness.

Accompanied by her program partners, Sonsoles Ónega, Patricia Pardo, Joaquín Prat and Ana Terradillosthe visible face of ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’ reappears radiant with very short hair and confesses that she feels very well after having overcome breast cancer: “I’m goodthroughout the process, which is hard, I have been lucky, I have handled it quite well, with all these colleagues who have done an impressive job with the peace of mind that the program was going smoothly… but I have many ideas”.

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In addition, the presenter confesses that it has been precious to receive the affection of all the colleagues in the profession: “Yes, from all the colleagues. It has been amazing, it has been a long time and every day, all… all, until the last editor, the tailor, everyone, well… it was basically beautiful, but I could have avoided it”.

Ana Rosa is looking forward to getting down to work on her program: “A hot autumn is coming, I want to be there when whatever happens happens.” As for the change in her ‘look’, she confesses that: “I thought that when I left the TV I was going to cut my hair and dye it platinum, but it has to grow much longer”.

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