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The macho children’s song that they have transformed into a feminist anthem


The new theme of Rigoberta Bandini and Amaia Romero ‘That’s how he danced’ is now available on all platforms. After several days in which both artists had dropped some clues on social networks, with tweets related to fragments of the song and even the image of the cover of the ‘single’, the final concept of the collaboration has surprised everyone.

The two singers have created their new song based on the chorus of ‘The days of the week’one of the most emblematic children’s songs of ‘The clowns on TV’to transform it into a song of the 21st century, with feminist slogans that claim fun and partying.

The antithesis of the original version

To fully understand the new song, well, you have to look back and listen to the version written by the famous clown Miliki. The lyrics told the story of a little girl who couldn’t go to play because it had to comply with different household obligations.

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In this way, each day of the week the girl had to leave out the fun for a different obligation, giving way to the tagline that has remained engraved in the memory of all listeners: “I washed like that, like that”, “I ironed like that, like that” or the respective versions depending on the day.

‘ Así bailaba’, on the other hand, completely turns the idea of ​​the children’s song upside down and focuses on the importance of dancing and having fun to feel good, as reflected in one of the most repeated lines in the chorus: “A girl went to wash, but she couldn’t wash because she had to dance“.

an applauded message

At the moment, the reception of the song is being very positive at the audience level. In just a few hours, the song – specifically the official audio, since it does not have a video clip – has managed to carve out a niche for itself in the youtube trending list Spain.

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In addition, various users have published their messages of support on social networks, applauding the intention of the collaboration: “A whole generation needed this reappropriation, finally the girl is going to… DANCE!!!!! Thank you!”, she has exclaimed @Noeblanch On twitter.

Rigoberta announces a temporary retirement

‘That’s how she danced’ has seen the light just a few days after Rigoberta Bandini advertised on the program ‘La Resistencia’ that will temporarily leave the stage. As revealed by the author of ‘Ay mama’, it is a “long retirement” that will take place after the tour that her team is preparing for next fall.

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