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The Mercadona sweet that everyone is talking about and that has been put on sale again by popular request


Supermarkets They are also at Christmas time, and some are already thinking about the next holiday: Reyes. Thus, according to the festivities that are just around the corner, Mercadona has already presented a wide variety of Christmas items. But there is one that steals the limelight from the others: the roscón de Reyes.

It is one of the most anticipated christmas sweets. And this roscón, Hacendado’s own product, does not go unnoticed among customers. “The only good thing about Christmas is the Mercadona imperial cake,” commented a user on Twitter. “There is already roscón de reyes in Mercadona”, commented another user.

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Another of the supermarket products that stand out is the much-desired nougat, the star of Christmas after-dinner meals. Mercadona has presented a great variety of flavors, but without a doubt the one that has stood out the most has been the hazelnut, a flavor that could remember the famous Kinder Bueno. Great find “, a user commented on the bird’s social network.

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