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The rise of the ‘body revealing’ or nude dress


The clothes that draw the naked body are imposed this summer. Optical illusions have invaded summer fashion, especially through designs that realistically draw the female silhouette as if it were a sculpture with voluptuous curves and silk-screened nipples.

This fashion that takes more and more strength and pays a special tribute to the female body, is known by the name of ‘body-revealing’.This aesthetic prevails in dresses, although it also occurs in bikinis, ‘tops’ and t-shirts. In addition to its striking character, it has become popular thanks to the fact that Kylie Jenner, the Spanish representative in Eurovision, Chanel Terrero and Bella Thorne, among others, have worn creations of this style.

In the case of Jenner, she even shared an image on her Instagram account wearing a flesh-colored bikini with two life-size printed nipples next to the phrase ‘free the nipple’ (release the nipple). However, the image was censored by Instagram.

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“The idea of ​​this fashion current, which is not new, is to make a Nude Wink, but also showing skin and intimacy while hiding, an irony that, on the other hand, serves to vindicate the woman’s nipple”explained to Efe the expert in fashion communication Pepa Fernández, who recalls that Instagram does allow the masculine and not the feminine.

While they present a striking and provocative character “these garments are committed to paying tribute to the woman’s body”, adds Fernández, who points out that “being a piece of cloth, it escapes censorship and the Instagram algorithms.”

behind this fashion, as daring as it is fun, there are large international firms, including Sergio Castaño Peña (Barcelona, ​​1994), creator of Syndical Chamber that took a world turn when the Argentine artist Nathy Peluso wore one of his dresses.

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On the catwalk, this aesthetic has triumphed in the Balmain spring-summer 2022 collections and in the Y/Project autumn-winter 2022/23 collections.

Schiaparelli, Tom Ford or the firm Loewe are also committed to garments in which eroticism is drawn into the fabric.

Secondly, Iconic designers like Vivienne Westwood, Martin Margiela, Jean Paul Gaultier and Comme des Garçons already advanced it in the 1990s.

It should be noted that the singer Cher (California 1946) was a pioneer in wearing this trend of fashion. In 1974, she attracted attention with a transparent tulle dress, perfectly fitted to the body, which created the effect that it seemed that she was naked. In fact, she opted for this aesthetic again in 1988 to collect the Oscar for best actress for ‘Moon Spell’.

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