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The Schumacher family plans to move to Mallorca while people close to the pilot denounce “secrecy and lies” about his state of health


The life of Michael Schumacher and his family took a tragic turn in December 2013, when the former pilot suffered a serious accident while skiing in the French Alps. After suffering a hard fall, he was hospitalized with a cranioencephalic polytraumatismand remained six months in an induced coma.

Upon waking up, he began his long journey through various clinics and rehabilitation centers, until finally he was transferred to his house on Lake Genevaa properly conditioned property where you can receive all the necessary care from the hand of teams of doctors, assistants and physiotherapists.

But it seems that his wife, Corinneand their two children, Gina and Mike, who have been by his side all this time, would now be considering leaving Switzerland for settle for long periods in Spain.

Port Andratx

Rumors arise after Schumacher’s wife has acquired in Mallorca a land of 54,315 square meters. It is located in one of the most privileged places on the island, the luxurious city of Port Andratxsurrounded by beautiful coves and animated by its great nautical activity.

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The family has paid 2.8 million euros for the purchase of the propertywhich initially went on sale for 3.6 million, and which they might want to allocate to the construction of ranches for horse breedingsince mother and daughter are passionate about the equestrian world.

By keeping their animals close, they could establish their residence on the Balearic island during the winter seasonsince they also own another property nearby, the exclusive villa they bought from the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez. A luxurious mansion built on a plot of 15,000 square meters, surrounded by gardens and two swimming pools to which Corinna moved by helicopter just a few days ago, after attending a tribute in honor of Michael.

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The controversy

It’s been a few 8 years since the accident of the legendary pilot, a long period during which his relatives have remained totally hermetic regarding their state of health. Recently, the words of Willi Weber, who was manager of the seven-time motorsport championand that he had remained silent since those Christmas holidays that marked a before and after.

He says he’s tired of hearing versions that he considers little adjusted to reality around the figure of Schumacher, many of them from their own family. “I can understand the silence in the initial situation, since I always did my best to protect Michael’s private life, but since then I’ve only heard lies from them. Maybe they should tell it like it is, “said his former representative.

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