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The Spanish, ready to reduce the economy to save the climate


Spaniards are increasingly aware of the need to effectively protect the environment, and not only through words, but with specific laws and even sacrificing part of economic growth. The latest survey of the exhaustive study ‘Values, attitudes and environmental behavior of Spaniards’ carried out by BBVA shows that ecological convictions advance steadily in societyregardless of ideologies, ages or social background, although more strongly in young people.

The survey, perhaps the most comprehensive carried out in Spain on this aspect, reveals that climate change is assumed to be a man-made process for 80% of the populationwhile 88% of those surveyed believe that the current consumption system contributes to accelerating this phenomenon.

38% believe that climate change It will affect “a lot” the citizens of Spainand another 50% believe that it will affect them “quite a lot”.

These and other parameters have been increasing their percentages of support in an evident way since the beginning of the decade. Even the most ambitious and delicate measures to combat environmental destruction are increasingly accepted.

For example, 57% of those surveyed agree that all necessary measures are adopted, even if they mean a reduction in economic growth. This percentage represents an increase of 17 points with respect to the one registered in the 2008 survey. Another 33%, on the other hand, support only those measures that do not significantly affect them.

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support to raise taxes

For example, slightly more than half of those surveyed agree with raising taxes on consumption or on the income statement to conserve the environment. Specifically, a 54% of those consulted affirm that they are “totally in favor” or “quite in favor” of these tax increases in both situations.

The survey, carried out on a basis of 4,500 people throughout the national territory, shows that Spaniards have a high level of knowledge of issues related to the environment. 81% are correct in considering the statement that “the emission of greenhouse gases is the main cause of climate change” to be correct.

The consideration that current environmental problems are “serious” obtains an average score of 8.6 out of 10, which represents one point more than in the survey of fifteen years ago. Pollution of the sea and rivers are the problems seen as the most pressing, followed by the increase in industrial waste, climate change and forest fires.

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The study also analyzes individual behaviors and behaviors in relation to consumption. Thus, 90% consider that the purchase of products with a lot of packaging contributes a lot or quite a lot to accelerating climate change. Other factors that contribute to global warming are excessive energy consumption at home (80%), overcrowding in tourism (77%), traveling by car (76%) and eating meat (60%).

At least considering the answers, Spanish society shows that it is becoming aware at a fast pace in recent years. 83% say they always or frequently consume seasonal products, avoid the use of plastic bags when shopping (81%) and limit the consumption of water and electricity (79%) at home.

The contracting of electricity with companies that supply themselves with renewable energies is gaining ground. is already a 24% the volume of respondents who claim to have contracted the energy of their home with green electricity companiesand. 44% say they have installed systems to control energy consumption at home, and 12% have installed solar panels.


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