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the succulent business of Mrs. Thor and savior of humanity on Netflix


Not a week goes by that we don’t know how wonderful life is in the antipodes of Elsa Pataky, inventor of the Pataky pose for red carpets and lady of Chris Hemsworth (the idolized Thor). A court that the hermeneuts of the pink orb cannot explain. “I have no idea”, confesses a popess of the branch. “She is beautiful and has an ideal family”, ventures the director of a famous gossip magazine. Although everyone agrees that she leads, along with Pilar Rubio and Gwyneth Paltrowto the club of mothers of large families to whom pregnancies and childbirth leave no trace of sinking because ‘they-work-it-based-on-squats’.

But Pataky, in addition to monetizing her bohemian chic style, and with less dependent children, wanted to dust off her acting career, and now she is starring in a movie, ‘Interceptor’, which premieres on Netflix on June 3. In the film, executive produced by her husband, she becomes JJ Collins, an army captain who save humanity from an attack with 16 nuclear missiles. There is nothing.

31 hours nonstop

At 45 years old – Angelina Jolie was 28 when she played Lara Croft – Pataky displays a series of crazy pirouettes in the film that forced her to undergo superhuman training. “Swimming, rope climbing, burpees… – she listed it to ‘Women’s Health Australia’ -. My body changed a lot in just four weeks.” The person in charge of supervising the routines was Ross Edgeley, guru of training with military patterns. He memorized “800 moves” for fights and did “62 kilometers in a 31-hour relay event nonstop,” he has explained.

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Despite the fact that critics always tiptoed over her filmography –”she was an actress who promised more than she finally gave”, says a veteran film critic–, and that the prize of her adventure in Hollywood was a relationship with Adrian Brodyshe always hurt that she had given up “her passion” to take care of the family.

Actress à la carte

And now he resets his acting self à la carte. This year she has also shot ‘Carmen’ in Australia, together with Rossy de Palma. It is directed by Benjamin Millepied, husband of Natalie Portman, who in turn co-stars with Hemsworth in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, the Marvel production that opens on July 8. Why so many chained details? It is relevant. They are all residents of Byron Bay, in New South Wales, in the southeast of Australia, which is becoming the alternative of Hollywood. Artists like Zac Efron, Nicole Kidman, Matt Damon, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Melissa McCarthy they appreciate the absence of paparazzi, the waves to surf and the weekly farmer’s market where they stock up on chemical-free products.

“I can no longer return to a city, after a short time I begin to get overwhelmed -Pataky has declared-. In a city I have to be aware of the chicks, which are very active and there they climb up the trees”. The chicks are India Rose, 10, and twins Tristan and Sasha, 8. For them, he has set up a childhood in which they run around barefoot among tropical plants and interact with animals –they have dogs and cats, horses, a couple of donkeys and a bearded lizard–, and without knowing that their parents are very, very famous.

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The rare sustainability

“We do not abuse electricity, we try to reuse everything we have and take care of energy,” Pataky explained to ‘Hola!’, his header publication. Something that must be a horrible effort in a house, they say, $30 million with several floors, six huge bedrooms, an ‘infinity pool’ and a beastly gym with a spa, movie theater, garden with a fire pit to roast marshmallow clouds… Neighbors complained that it was “inappropriate for the area” and some onlookers compare it to a shopping center or a small airport.

But she is super Instagrammable –Pataky has 4.9 million followers–, and while no more movie offers arrive, the Romanian-Spanish monetizes what she can: she is the face of a Spanish sandals brand –Gioseppo–, runs an app with her boyfriend of fitness and healthy life –Centr, in which the trainer of the Kardashians also works– and has just released a line of natural cosmetics called Purely Byron.

They say that the only thing that disturbs the Australian Eden is the location of Thor’s hammers that Hemsworth brings home, five for each film. That is, between the tetralogy of the God of Thunder in Asgard and on Earth, and the deliveries of ‘Avengers’ in which he appears, 40 ‘mjolnirs’. He puts them on the shelves and she puts them in a closet.

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