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The wakacrisis, silenced; who is with Pique?


Shakira and Piqué, Piqué and Shakira: The couple of the moment much to their regret. What one day began as “a wakarumor” has become a wakacrisis. This week, our colleague from ‘El Periódico’, Emilio Pérez de Rozas, made the hare jump that sowed doubts about the marital happiness of one of the most popular and mediatic couples in the world. The sports journalist assured in one of his articles that “everything seems to indicate that the sentimental relationship between Shakira and Piqué is going through one of its worst moments since they met” and revealed that the footballer spent “nights and days” in his single apartment on Muntaner street in Barcelona.

And while the rest of the humans recovered from the news of the brave Pérez de Rozas, my partner Laura Fa and I did our homework trying to confirm information that had reached her mobile phone over the weekend. On Wednesday, we managed to verify this information and dropped the bomb: Shakira and Piqué are going through a strong crisis due to the appearance of a third in discord. The message read as follows: “Shakira has caught him with another. That is how it is, it has happened, that is why there is distance. It still comes to nothing, but it has happened.” As brief as devastating. And there began our journey to find out the identity of Piqué’s friend. Just a few hours later, we already put her age and hair color. The most wanted woman was 22 years old and she was, is, blonde. Her profession, waitress and event hostess. Several sources were pointing us in the same direction. Today I could tell you her name, her surnames, her place of work and even describe her physically, while I look at one of her photos on her Instagram profile. A small leap for humanity and a very big one for these simple ‘Mamarazzis’.

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a lot of buzz

You cannot imagine the amount of messages and calls that we have received during these days. Countless fellow journalists from this and other continents, some of them well-known names and leading figures, have flooded us with information about alleged women with whom Gerard Piqué would have been seen in well-known venues of the Barcelona night. Suddenly, everyone knew of “a friend of a friend of a friend” who knew the footballer very closely or who had met Piqué in a restaurant or nightclub with busy reservations. Others, on the other hand, dismissed the information as known and hackneyed, and claimed that “this is no longer news”, detracting from its value. But, the truth is that until now no one had dared to publish anything about it, despite the constant circulation of rumors and information, especially in recent months. Note that I distinguish the two concepts: Information vs. rumours.

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Another of the very curious surprises that this news has brought us is that for Mediaset has gone completely unnoticed. Come on, absolute silence about it in all the programs of the group. Bearing in mind that this is a couple that has been the target of all kinds of press since the beginning of their relationship, I find it totally incomprehensible and surprising that, with the number of hours that Telecinco dedicates to pink news and information about celebrities, It hasn’t even called your attention to spend a few minutes analyzing and commenting on it.

Here is a cat locked up. While the media around the world echo the news and open new melons (such as the viral rumor of Piqué’s alleged relationship with the mother of a teammate) and the Spanish media, especially the written ones, dedicate pages and pages to the matter, for Mediaset the news does not exist. To what does this silence respond? Is it a forced or chosen silence? Those of us who are not going to be silent are the ‘Mamarazzis’; next Wednesday, more data in our weekly podcast.

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