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The wedding of the influencer Marta Lozano, social event of the year in Alicante


the model and influencer Valencian Martha Lozano He has become one of the most important characters in the country’s society. At 26 years old, this young Valencian has almost a million followers on the social network Instagram and she is a regular at social and cultural events of great importance. In fact, she was one of the iInvited to the recently celebrated Cannes Film Festival.

Well, this Saturday, May 28, Lozano will star in his own event: he will contract marriage in Xàbia with Lorenzo Remohí, dentist and member of one of the best-known families in Valencia. Both were clear that they would marry in the church of San Bartolomé in the town of Alicante because it is here where they spent their childhood summers and where they met, but it was not until five years ago that they began their relationship in which this week they will take a step plus.

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Little is known about the link since the exclusive has it Magazine Hello! that will even broadcast the wedding live through its website.

Yes, it has transpired that the bride has chosen the designer Lorenzo Caprile to make the dresses that she will wear in the four spaces where the event will take place. In the words of the influencer, the tone of the celebration will be “casual”.

What is clear is that during these days, Xàbia is going to become the meeting point for the best-known faces of social networks. Mary Pombo, Madame de Rosa and Teresa Andrés Gonzalvo, influencers with millions of followers, will be present at the wedding of the year as they were already at the Bachelorette party de Marta that passed between Ibiza and Formentera.

Marta Lozano is also an entrepreneur and has created her own cosmetics firm, glowfilterwhich is sold in the main perfume chains.

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The appointment with the ‘socialites’ of the moment will be at 6:00 p.m. in the Church of San Bartolomé de Xàbia.

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