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These are the jewels with a Spanish accent that have conquered the Louvre


There is a signature jewelry Spaniard who has conquered the Louvre Museum. Isabel Lamadrid Creative Jewelery was born 13 years ago with its own DNA achieved through a careful selection of natural gems specially cut for her exclusive designs. The firm’s creations fuse the style of ancient Mediterranean cultures with a timeless concept that are sold in the famous Parisian temple dedicated to both fine arts and archeology and the decorative arts prior to Impressionism. There they share space with art icons such as the ‘Mona Lisa’ or the ‘Victory of Samothrace’.

“When you study the goldsmithing of the ancient Mediterranean cultures, Phoenicians, Greeks, Byzantines… one of the things that most surprises is its relevance, its timelessness, that it resists the passage of time and fashion. That is what most attracts our jewels inside and outside our borders”, explains its founder, Isabel Lamadrid, a graduate in Fine Arts and “a globetrotter”, as she also defines herself.

And it is that for 20 years he dedicated himself to advertising cinema and to shooting documentaries in several countries until he settled definitively in Barcelona.

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First market, Brazil

When he opted for jewelry, the crisis of the real estate bubble in Spain arrived and it became very difficult to get the firm off the ground. “I started looking for markets outside of Spain, first in Brazilwhich was a natural market for me, a country that I knew well because I had lived there for many years working in the media, and had friends and contacts, plus at that time there was strong economic growth in Brazil and an anxious upper-middle class to consume, that way I was able to place my jewelry in exclusive stores in Sao Paulo”, recalls the designer.

Thanks to that Brazilian market, the brand was able to survive the crisis here. In addition, Lamadrid says that he gained experience to take the next step: the european market.

As of 2016, it began to appear at the most important professional jewelery fairs in Europe, including BIJORHCA The International Jewelery Show, which is a benchmark fair for its extremely varied proposal in terms of trends and new designers, which is held in Paris.

It was there that they were “very discreetly and unannounced” the louvre shoppers. “Two months after the fair, I received an ’email’ from the institution’s ’boutique’ requesting that I send them our catalog to place the first order. And thus began a collaboration that continues to this day”, explains the artist.

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Thanks to this international work, it was also presented at other fairs in the sector, such as JIS MIAMI and JOGS Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show, in the United States, thanks to which the firm continued to expand. “We are now present in ‘concept-stores’ in 10 countries.”

Design, materials and price

The brand’s philosophy is based on three pillars: design, materials and price. “Our creative proposal has always been clear and stems from a passion for jewelry from ancient Mediterranean cultures, but creating contemporary pieces that resist time and that differ from momentary and massive fashion”, Lamadrid comments.

This is done using noble materials such as quality semi-precious stones cut for our designs and a 2-micron thick gold plating covered with ‘e-coting’ technology, a patina applied to the plating that seals it and gives it a Long duration.

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