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These are the swimsuit and bikini trends for this summer, according to Nuria Sardà


The first international triumph of the firm SARDINIAN It was in the 60s, when Jackie Kennedy went to the Vatican with one of her wonderful black lace mantillas. The magazine ‘Life Magazine’ featured it on the cover, and the textile industry that had started in Barcelona at the end of the 19th century, with the grandfather, could not have had a better promotion. However, the company he had set up Andrew and his brothers she had to face the new times, and at the end of an era, when in the autumn of 1962 the Second Vatican Council decreed that women were no longer required to wear a mantilla in church.

Recycle or die. The Sardàs created Belfintex (lace lace and curtains) and Eurocorset (specializing in lingerie). Andrés heard about lycra and its excellent properties in Paris and was the first to bring it to Spain.

Born in Barcelona in 1929, Andrés, the founder’s son, looked for a new use for lace and ventured into lingerie, and from the 70s, into swimwear. “In the midst of an oppressive political situation, the collection breaks stereotypes. The designs are made to favor womenwhile technical innovation creates unprecedented comfort“, describes the firm’s website, whose creative director today is since 2008 his daughter, Nuria Sardà.

“I joined the Andrés Sardà company 30 years ago, in sales. I went to export. I was in Germany, in France… In ’96 I started working with my father creating collections,” explains the daughter of the disappeared Andrés Sardà, who died in September 2019, at the age of 90.

Since 2008 the firm, in which three of the seven brothers also work, belongs to the Belgian group Van de Velde, a family business, the fourth generation of corset makers, which is even listed on the stock market. “It has been a good marriage that has allowed us to adapt to the new demands of the market, because it has really changed the way of producing, communicating, and selling, in a very short time,” says the designer and one of the greatest experts in make women feel divine in underwear or swimsuit.

Twice a year the collections go up to the catwalk of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Madridand their garments have been worn by artists such as Lady Gaga and Shakira.

Faithful to the spirit of her father, Nuria continues to bet on a free, elegant, spectacular and successful femininity.

These are the keys to the brand’s swimwear for this summer 👇

Nuria Sardà believes that “this has changed for some time”. “Before, the swimsuit was almost for those who couldn’t wear a bikini, because it didn’t look good. It also seemed strange for a person with a very good body to wear a swimsuit. But this has changed a lot. These rules of what is good or what is wrong, or what body is worth or not, they have changed. People spend a lot more than they say. It’s more like how each one looks“says the designer.

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On the other hand, it underlines an important idea: “At a fashion level, the swimsuit has already positioned itself as a piece with which you can play more with the line. It is not used as before to ‘cover’. Now it is also used with more spectacular garments, with which you can play more than with a bikini, and that attract a lot of attention. The swimsuit has won in recent years“.

How to opt for one or the other?

According to the textile entrepreneur, “it is more to take into account what is going to be done during the day”. Sardà believes that “sunbathingyou will surely wear the smallest bikini you have, to leave the minimum mark, and if you are going to be in a more social groupin which you are going to eat, you will take the swimsuit to sit at the tablewith a sarong or kaftan”.

Eye, that “also The swimsuit is being used a lot for moments of parties, at night. In fact, very special garments are already being made that can be used for the bathroom and for the night. There are some pieces that are authentic evening gowns,” she says.

Although Andrés Sardà’s “strength” is precisely “being different from everyone else”, this summer’s collection follows very clear coordinates, all framed by a halo of “optimism”. “Because we come from where we come from,” says Sardà, who also admits: “Although it is true that the covid has respected us the summersand people have been able to bathe and have come out with a lot of desire to enjoy the summer”.

In addition to the tissues honeycomb, cut-out swimsuits and the reverse tied bikini tops (very trendy in 2022), these are Andrés Sardà’s big bets:

Prints: The geometric ones are pampered, like the stripes (in the ‘Shelley’ series; with woven lines and embroidered triangles), moles (‘Moss’ series), checkers (‘Curie’)… Simple drawings in appearance but very flattering.

Fluorine / Pink Colors: Fuchsia is the vibrant shade of the season. “We have played with the contrasts of fuchsia/black, orange/black or ecru/black” (‘Coco’ series).

High-waisted panty and ‘top’ without artifice: “Although we always have two classic models -explains Sardà-: the one that is tied at the sides with knots and the one with a traditional cut, this year the high-waisted panty is very much in style, albeit with some detail to play with it. For example, we have a model with a piece of tulle, which can be raised or lowered to taste”. As for the top, “what is clear is that in the bathroom you don’t like the internal structure to be seen, neither underwires nor cups, so that the ‘top’ looks clean, natural.”

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metallic tones: Metallic tones have also come to swimwear to stay. These sophisticated pieces can be combined with printed ‘shorts’, glasses and sandals. Those from the ‘Baker’ series by Andrés Sardà are very much at night: they play with a lurex net (metal thread) and a gold fabric contrasted with black. “Sober and spectacular”, defines Nuria.

Belts: In this year of the return of the two-mile aesthetic, wide belts in tiny panties could not be missing. We find them in the series ‘Coco’ and ‘Kathryn’.

Basics to bet on

According to Sardà, it is worth investing in a good swimsuit and bikini “in which you feel super comfortable”. “A bikini with which you can sunbathe well, and a swimsuit that makes you feel beautiful and can be worn from morning to night,” advises the designer.

Andrés Sardà’s designs are internationally known for having contributed to the women’s lingerie sector with technological innovations such as the incorporation of Teflon, nylon and lycra. The designer says that the firm works with fabrics with recycled polyamides. “It is something that cannot be seen, that is not noticeable when wearing it, but it is an ecological issue: the thread is made from plastic bottles, sometimes recovered from the sea,” she explains.

They also use lycra ‘xtra life’, which is much more resistant to chlorine, sun creams, sea water… “Creams and chlorine eat away at the elastomer that makes the fabric lose firmness and shape, which makes it stretch,” says Sardà .

Another innovation is the network that combines the polyamide, lycra and lurexwhich “is super soft, adapts very well, is very elegant because it combines black thread with shiny thread,” explains the businesswoman.

“We also develop with our suppliers a pattern that is perfect, that when you print it and put it on, the fabric does not open and it does not look white inside. We work with the historical archives of the famous Italian house Ratti, which is on Lake Como. From there we select them and then recolor them. For example, this year’s ‘Woolf’ series features flowers that we have chosen from that archive.


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