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These are the two t-shirts that Mango launches for 8-M


Every March 8 since 1975, the International Women’s Day It is an opportunity to recognize the women’s achievementssupporting and giving visibility to their talent.

The fashion firm Mango believe in strength of collaboration and the power of female talent and this year it join this celebration by crossing the paths of two exceptional women and artists to create the capsule collection whose profits will go to social causes.

The Californian artist Torin Ashtun and the Barcelona writer leticia room dialogue in a creative meeting to merge traces of painting and poetry.

The result have been two t-shirts for women, one for men and one tote bag, who share their speeches. Of the creative process of this collection it is worth noting that both artists have only worked digitally Due to the physical distance between their respective places of residence and the current situation, which has not prevented them from developing the project.

For the campaign, the brand has collaborated with the photographer Carlota Guerrerowho through her unique vision of femininity has created unmistakable, thoughtful and very powerful images for the occasion.

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Racial and environmental claims

Between the racial and environmental claims of Torin’s canvases and Leti’s thoughtful digital collection of poems, which x-ray the relationships of our days, there is a common thread that both weave in unison for a shared cause: the Role of Women.

The 100% of the profits obtained from the sale of this collection will be dedicated to supporting the activity of four social organizations from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Ethiopia focused on promoting girls education and schooling in a situation of vulnerability. Through the Spanish NGO Cooperating World and its initiative ‘Being a girl is a right’, Mango will collaborate with the Welfare Association for Development Alternative (WADA), in Bangladesh; Jabala Action Research Organization, in India; Health and Rural Development Balochistan (HARD), in Pakistan, and Wabe Children’s Aid and Training (WCAT), in Ethiopia.

previous edition

Last year, the firm similarly collaborated on a capsule collection with Mexican artist Ana Leovy and the total of the profits obtained were destined to the Vicente Ferre Foundationr to promote its gender equality projects in southern India, focused above all on narrowing gender gaps (educational and economic), combating violence against women in all its manifestations and promoting women’s empowerment, autonomy and the active participation of women in society.

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Torin Ashtun

She is an artist from Los Angeles whose vibrant works captivate around the world. Her artistic disciplines include painting, design, sculpture and writing. Today, Ashtun’s work is inspired by a distinctive tulip shape that often appears in her acrylic paintings. Tulips are a familiar shape that she uses to create a common story across each medium.

leti room

He writes poetry and prose from Barcelona. Her first book, Scrolling after sex, was published in 2018. She regularly collaborates with Vogue Spain, a magazine for which she writes poems and small pieces. She finds her inspiration in flowers, airplanes and supermarkets. In addition, she has been collaborating with Mango for some years now, forming part of the Mango Girls.

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