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They create ‘edible’ forests to curb climate change by generating food


foundations Hope Climate Action Y Life Terra have launched their first ‘edible’ forest in the town of Soto del Real (Madrid), an initiative that in addition to helping to improve air quality and curb climate change, it will feed the neighbors and serve as a classroom for nature.

The forest, in whose creation the Municipality of Soto de Real, Friends of the Earth and the World Biological Corridor, has begun with the planting of a hundreds of trees and bushes Come in walnut trees, hazelnuts, olives, almond trees, apple trees, pear trees, fig trees, Cherry trees, hawthorn, rosebush wild either aromatic.

The goal, planting in various phases around a thousand trees and involve area schools in the creation of this unique forest, whose care will be the responsibility of Friends of the Earth and the Chozas de la Sierra Cultural Association. In addition to generating foods healthywill provide benefits such as purification of air and water, improving soil quality and increasing biodiversity. Likewise, it will serve as a nature classroom in which to learn about ecosystem services, the properties of plants or the importance of local production.

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This municipal food forest constitutes a corner of biodiversity in which to enjoy and learn from nature and neighborhood cooperation”, according to Life Terra and Hope Acción Climática, who ensure that this initiative can be replicated in any space: a vacant lot, a park, an old car park, private land, an abandoned agricultural field, etc.

We are in the decade of nature” and it is time for citizens, governments and companies “to start restore common heritage because it is our greatest tool to have a stable and healthy future”, said the founder of the Hope Foundation, Javier Peña.

“Together we can change consciousness. That so many children have participated in the first phase of the forest shows the great interest of parents in having a local impact”, according to Sven Kallen, founder of Life Terra, Project co-financed with European funds which seeks to plant 500 million trees, one for each citizen of the European Union.

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From Friends of the Earth, Lawrence Sudlow has pointed out that many families have collaborated “who know that what we are doing today is to plant the future”, to which the mayor of Soto del Real, Noelia Barrado, added that it is a clear example of teamwork “to build a cleaner future for all”.

In December of last year, Soto del Real joined the World Biological Corridor as part of its involvement in the sustainable transition in Spain and this plantation is “a beautiful example of action by and for citizens”, pointed out the founder of the World Biological Corridor, Jorge Extramiana.

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