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They denounce that TVE violates the law by allowing bullfights and hunting during children’s hours


The Franz Weber Foundation, an international organization for the defense of nature based in Switzerland, has denounced this Monday that the Spanish Radio and Television Corporation (RTVE) It violates the Rights of Children by maintaining broadcasts about bullfighting and hunting in its regular programming television, thus contravening regulations such as the Law for the comprehensive protection of children and adolescents against violence and the General Audiovisual Law. These contents would be ‘Tender zero’ and ‘Jara y Sedal’.

Added to the legislation is the corporation’s own Style Manual, whose section 5.9 on violence with animals specifies that “Children can see with anguish the violence exerted on animals, so we must avoid it by all means” . Instead, this is precisely “what happens, for example, in Tendido Cero, from La 2, where you can see scenes of explicit cruelty seasoned with a narration favorable to these events,” says the aforementioned foundation.

The international NGO explains that various studies have already shown the link between exposure to violence and the development of mental health problems during childhood and adolescence, and also highlights that participation during these ages in acts of animal abuse “is an important marker for antisocial attitudes and aggressive behaviors”.

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“While the Law of Minors itself establishes that it is a duty of all minors to respect animalsRTVE’s strategy promotes bullfighting and hunting in the so-called ‘child protection schedule’ through explicit images and also advertising actions for related products,” it adds in a statement.

The emissions would also collide with the LOMLOE, the last educational reform approved by the General Courts, which establishes among its objectives that children know and value animals, and modes of behavior that favor empathy and care are adopted. “All of it is contradictory with the promotion, encouragement and disclosure of hunting and bullfighting among young people, activities based on the use of violence”, indicates the Franz Weber Foundation.

In this sense, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child has been expressing its concern about the exposure of minors to activities involving any form of violenceand explicitly warned Spain in 2018, urging them to keep minors away from bullfighting events.

With this legal and scientific background, the Franz Weber Foundation criticizes RTVE for insisting “on a trivialization of violence, trivializing the use of firearms used to kill animals and in the direct mistreatment of cattle as a show”.

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Prevention of violent societies

Research conducted since the 1990s suggests that involvement during childhood and adolescence in acts of animal abuse is an important marker for antisocial attitudes and aggressive behaviors, as well as a predictor of interpersonal violence in adulthood.

The strategy of the Ministry of Agriculture delves into a widely studied problem, such as the concept of interrelated violence and how it “has come to detect that young people who have mistreated animals at an early age are more likely to justify that a parent assaults his children and that a man assaults his wife (Flynn, 1999)”.

On the other hand, promotehunting on television also means deliberately hiding the reality of an activity that has caused 63 deaths in Spain in the 2010-2020 period, while another 483 have suffered injuries of various kinds. Rubén Pérez, campaign manager for the NGO, points out: TVE should follow the legal guidelines that indicate the need to teach empathy towards animals from an early age, and encouraging them to watch hunts or bullfights does not seem, of course, the best example for public television”. …..Environment section contact: crisisclimatica@prensaiberica.es

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