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They devise a system to produce renewable energy and fight climate change from reservoirs


Contribute to fight against climate change Increasing the volume of renewable energy in Spain is the goal of an ambitious initiative promoted by the company Totobiegosode, a company based in Seville. The company has just introduced 50 projects to seven hydrographic confederations for the installation in reservoirs of 2,500 MWp (peak megawatts). In a first phase, with an estimated investment of 300 million euros, production will be carried out through photovoltaic panelsbut the project is also open to wind, hydraulic and solar thermal tower technologies.

The photovoltaic panels will be located on the horizontal fixed platforms, supported and sustained on pilings or piles; founded on the bottom of the reservoirs, and located above their maximum filling level.

They will occupy approximately 100 hectares in each of the projects, located in the state public domain and whose construction and operation will not be subject to the incidences of variations in the water level of the reservoirs.

Totobiegosode, which takes its name from a Paraguayan indigenous people -the last one still living in voluntary isolation outside the Amazon-, is a limited company promoted by biologists, engineers, economists and lawyers for the design, construction and operation of renewable electric power generating plant projects and energy storage systems.

The platforms designed by Totobiegosode support the equipment and systems necessary to produce renewable energy through solar photovoltaic and wind technologies, heliostats for tower solar thermal production. And also for the aforementioned energy storage systems.

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The company is the owner of a ‘utility model’ registered with the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office for the development of these fixed platforms in reservoirs.

Supply to homes, businesses and industries

Among the advantages that this technical and innovative option has, its Total compatibility with water, hydraulic and hydroelectric use and with the different uses that reservoirs have in Spain, such as sports and recreational navigation, fishing and bathing.

Similarly, entrepreneurs have taken into account the positive effect on the conservation of reservoir water in shaded areas that the platforms project on the sheet of water, thus reducing evaporation and eutrophication of water resources.

The Totobiegosode projects seek to increase the volume of renewable energy in Spain, thus contributing to the fight against climate change.

It is a technically advanced, innovative project that integrates the sustainability and the social projectionby promoting part of the renewable energy produced, between 15 and 20%, will go to local energy communities in towns near the reservoirs to supply homes, businesses and industries in the area. Because one of the main objectives of the initiative is the “social profitability».

The idea is to bring energy to 320 towns with fewer than 2,500 inhabitants, located less than 15 kilometers from the reservoirs. “When this energy is consumed in a local loop, environmental and social benefits will be produced, and it will contribute to the development of the so-called ’emptied Spain'”.

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Totobiegosode’s developments, based on the patented utility model and its technical and business capabilities, are open to collaboration with other companies to promote similar projects both in Spain and in other countries.

Pioneer system in Spain

Andrés Barros Borrero and Fernando Martínez Salcedo, two of the company’s directors, have highlighted that the Totobiegosode projects represent “an radical transformation of the techniques used for the generation of renewable energy in reservoirs and a significant qualitative leap in its environmental and social compatibility”.

The system devised by these entrepreneurs is pioneer in Spain. Abroad, only in Switzerland and the United States are similar systems being developed, although in the case of the American country, in water channels.

The financing model of the Spanish initiative includes an agreement with a development engineering company to develop the executive projects and another with a civil engineering construction company. The business model includes a pre-agreement with an investment fund, with an initial contribution of 300 million.

However, it is a progressive model: as permits are obtained, the financing system will be “fed”. There is no limit: “There is a lot of desire to develop renewable energy projects in the current context,” says Martínez Salcedo.

Among the promoters of the initiative are people with more than twenty years of experience in the design, construction and operation of solar technology and energy storage.

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