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This is Betlem, Chanel’s little sister


Since his spectacular performance in Eurovision, Chanel Terrero is on everyone’s lips. However, little was known about her five months ago, before she made her first public appearance in the benidorm fest. She was one of the most unknown participants, she came from working mainly in musicals, and ‘SloMo’ it was their debut ‘single’. But neither this nor the constant controversy generated by her election as representative of Spain prevented the singer from sweeping Turin, obtaining the third place in the festival and the best score for the country in more than 20 years.

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This has earned him the affection of many fans, but his most faithful admirer continues to be his little sister, Betlem Square. As his last name indicates, they do not share a fatherbut they are daughters of the same mother, and have grown up together in the Barcelona municipality of Olesa of Montserrat. They have seven years between them, and they are very close, that’s why they traveled together to the festival, where the artist received the support of her people in a night full of nerves and emotions.

While Chanel becomes a recognized star, her sister’s dreams point in a completely different direction. And the young woman is studying law at Alfonso X El Sabio University and, despite his young age, he has already worked in some well-known companies, such as Seat, and carried out internships in a well-known law firm.

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Both are very proud of each other, and Betlem’s admiration for her sister is so great that even He has his name tattooed on one leg. He has shown it on Instagram and, next to the photograph, he has added some nice words: “You are the queen of my life.”

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