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This is the last altercation of the Morad ragpicker with the Mossos d’Esquadra


New controversy of the ragman dwell. the artist of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat accused on Wednesday two agents of the Mossos d’Esquadra of assaulting a minor. She stated that they “beat a child” in the area of ​​the blocks of Florida and his accusations provoked an altercation with several people and the police. The body denies the facts and has criminally denounced the singer for crimes of public disturbances Y gross disobedience to authorityexplained the newspaper ‘Global Chronicle’.

The verbal fight It was triggered around 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon when a Mossos d’Esquadra patrol headed towards a regular patrol. Morad and his friends began to rebuke the agents, in special to the ‘mossa’ “for the simple fact of being a woman”, as reported by a spokesman for the body to the newspaper ‘Metrópoli Abierta’. It was then that his partner got out of the car, and warned the rapper and his companions that they would be reported for a lack of respect for authority.

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Video on Instagram

Morad released a video of the tense discussion with the agents in your account Instagramwhich adds up to almost two million followers. In the images he is seen upset, shouting and intimidating the police. Instead, the two agents remain calm and try to reason with the musician and his entourage to no avail.

The agent’s reaction triggered the arrival of a hundred people who positioned themselves in favor of the singer, has indicated ‘Metrópoli Abierta’. The police spokesman has indicated that “they surrounded him to rebuke him.” In other recordings you can hear how the companions of the trap icon call the agent “faggot”.

egg toss

The incident mobilized more patrols, including one from the BREATH, which were received with the launch of objects and eggs, reports the Barcelona web portal. Despite the altercation, there were no police charges or injuries, according to the police force.

Later, Morad attributed his behavior to an alleged defense of minors in his neighborhood. However, as he accused the agent of assaulting a minor, the body has added two more complaints against him: one for slander and another for broadcasting the faces of the agents, a practice prohibited by the citizen security law.

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Acquitted of robbery and other controversies

Morad’s run-ins with the law are various. At the beginning of March, he was acquitted of the crimes of attempted robbery and threats in an apartment in the Putxet neighborhood of Barcelona in 2018. The Prosecutor’s Office requested two and a half years in prison for the rapper and another defendant, who was also exonerated. The judge concluded that “it is not proven” that they were the ones who tried to break into the door of the property with a screwdriver.

However, in April he was arrested again. In this case, he for not appearing for a court summons to testify for an alleged crime against road safety.

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