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This is the white stone that will help you clean any corner of your house


At present there are many innovative cleaning products, but most professionals continue to bet on the products of a lifetime. We already talked to you in other articles about Beltrán Soap, one of the products most used to clean the kitchen hood and the oven and also the floors. But we also remind you that there is a lifelong ammonia that is used to remove dirt from many surfaces: the Volvone. Ideal for cleaning the kitchen but also for removing stains from a carpet.

Now we are going to talk to you about another cleaning product of a lifetime and that before you could only find in neighborhood drugstores: the white cleaning stone. This kind of stone is a clay rock that has as many uses as you can imagine, but the result is always the same: a cleanliness and a spectacular shine.

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The white stone can be used to clean gold, silver, copper, tin, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, glass, rubber, plastics, enameled, chrome, etc, so they serve to clean all the rooms in your house. In the kitchen you can use it to clean appliances, the ceramic hob, the sink, the kitchen furniture, the aluminum windows, the stoves, the extractor, the oven, the microwave and the marble and granite and even Silestone-type synthetics.

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