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This is the woman in discord in the relationship between Piqué and Shakira


EL PERIÓDICO uncovered the box of thunder this week. First, the journalist Emilio Perez de Rozas published on Tuesday that Shakira and Barça player Gerard Piqué were going through the worst crisis in their 12-year relationship. So much so that the defender returned to live in his bachelor’s apartment, located on Calle Muntaner of Barcelona. On Wednesday, the “Mamarazzis” went further and claimed that he would have been unfaithful to Shakira. The commotion generated by the exclusive it has been huge. But far from the calm coming, the lightning strikes first: Who is the third party that could have dynamited the relationship 12 years between the footballer and the singer?

The journalists affirm that Shakira, in addition to knowing about the soccer player’s encounters with a young woman, puts face and name. In this sense, Vázquez spoke with different reporters and photographers who follow the couple’s day-to-day and agree that the relationship between the two “is cold” for weeks. “At their children’s school they let themselves be seen as a well-matched couple, but the reality is that they hardly speak to each other at present,” adds ‘Mamarazzi’.

“Piqué has been seen repeatedly with a young woman and this would have caused the player to move to his bachelor flat, since Shakira would be aware of those appointments and would have been furious”, Vázquez and Fa specify. Both report that the footballer, owner of the FC Andorrawas in the Principality when the exclusive came out.

This is the soccer player’s special friend

The journalist of this newspaper, Emilio Pérez de Rozas, advanced this Wednesday that the couple was going through one of their worst moments since they met in 2010while recording the video clip of the song of World Cup in South Africa. So much so that the singer’s new single, ‘Congratulations‘, is all a declaration of reproaches towards the captain of the Barça.

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The woman who could have put Piqué and Shakira on the verge of breaking up is “a young blonde of 22 years. She is studying and works as event hostess“, portrays Vázquez. “The appearance of this young woman in Piqué’s life could have caused the couple to live separately temporarily, despite the fact that we do not know the nature of the relationship between them,” the journalists explain. However, the captain culé not only frequents his apartment for a few hours. “He has moved for a month and spends several consecutive days there”, point out the ‘Mamarazzis’.

An attic in Muntaner street

Piqué maintains the bachelor’s apartment on Muntaner street next to the Adria Squareon the high side of the Catalan capital. When the couple began their relationship, the house was one of the places most frequented by the paparazzi. In fact, the singer lived there for a few months before they both moved to the urbanization Diagonal City of Esplugues del Llobregat.

The house in question is a penthouse. The portal of the building faces Muntaner street, but the property has a exclusive access through the parking, which provides more privacy to the player. In addition, the ‘Mamarazzis’ have explained that he is “unleashed” in the Barcelona night. Specifically, they have specified that he frequents the reserved areas of the nightclubs bling bling Y Pattern. Laura Fa has set the time for the “many night outings” of the defender: they last “until two and three in the morning”, she specifies.

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Shakira’s trips to Ibiza said something

Shakira traveled twice to Ibiza during the month of May. She did it with the children that she has in common with the soccer player, Milan Y Sasha, and a friend, but without Piqué. “It was not understood that he stayed in Barcelona because he was injured and did not play for Barça.” Pique suffered a injury in the left adductor last April 7th. He missed three games and returned to the grass, but relapsed and did not play the last four games of the season.

A matter of days before there was a statement

The exclusive of Piqué’s meetings with the young woman has done nothing but enlarge the sentimental crisis. So much so that he and Shakira spent the last few days thinking about “launching a statement to explain the alleged disloyalty“, as the ‘Mamarazzis’ advanced.

“We do not know if we are close to a denial or if they will announce that they are separating, but they are going through the worst moment of their relationship,” they commented on the possibility of making this separation official. East release occurred on the morning of Saturday, June 4, where the couple confirms the breaking off of your relationship.

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