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This is the ‘Zion’: the super yacht with 360-degree views of the sea


being able to enjoy 360º views to the immensity of the ocean aboard a super yacht it can become a reality soon for those who can afford it.

This is the latest challenge in the design of luxury boats that Bhushan Powar Designs, a specialized yacht design studio in luxury whose headquarters are located in the coastal Indian town of Goa, has proposed to carry forward its new ship concept.

The concept: a diaphanous dome

This super yacht, named ‘Zion’is 110 meters long and its main novelty is that of a glass dome that offers infinite views of the surroundings and that promises an open space like never before seen in a boat with such characteristics.

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The inspiration to create this transparent bubble is, according to its creators, that of the “most mysterious but beautiful phenomenon in the universe: the black holewhich attracts energy”. This ‘glass eye’, added to its stylized lines, resembles a octopus with its tentacles and arms outstretched.

The boat It can accommodate up to 50 people, including guests -who can be divided into its ten cabins-, owners -who have reserved a special suite with balconies open to the sea-, and crew members -who also have their own cabins-.

And among the luxuries offered by the ‘Zion’ is its own 12-meter-long helipad, an open dining room connected to a glass-bottomed infinity pool via a suspension bridge, a beach club that it includes a gym, a garden and a sunbathing area and even even an auxiliary garage. All these rooms are accessible by a glass column elevator. No detail is missing, as long as you can pay for it.

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