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This will be the first skyscraper made entirely of wood


The wooden construction is living a revival with the rediscovery of its architectural virtues and its lower carbon footprint. However, until now it was thought that wood could only be viable for small buildings, but more and more architects are showing that it is also a suitable material for large structures, such as the one that is beginning to be built in Switzerland. There he will rise tallest wooden skyscraper on the planet.

Named Rocket&Tigerli, the building will be the tallest wooden construction in the world once completed, with an impressive maximum height of 100 meters and more than thirty floors.

Rocket&Tigerli is being created in collaboration with Cometti Truffer Hodel and will be located in the Swiss city of Winterthur, near Zurich. The project will actually include three other smaller buildings in addition to the tower, and it will house residential spaces, student housing, a restaurant, commercial spaces, a sky-bar and a hotel.

The exterior appearance of the complex will be buildings covered with vegetation and interiors look full of light and openwith a decoration that will affect the natural beauty of the wood.

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The exterior of the tower will be clad in terracotta (which, like wood, can be sustainably produced) and It will consist of a wooden structure and a wooden core.

This last point is very important, as while there are other planned wooden hybrid towers that will be even taller, their hybrid nature means they have a concrete core that houses the elevator and stairs.

The tallest existing wooden building, that is, with a wooden core, is the Mjøstårnet, in Norway, with 85.4 meters high.

Engineers had to overcome significant challenges to reach the planned 100 meters, including the rocking inherent in these structures, so Rocket & Tigerli will break new ground in the construction industry and demonstrate the feasibility of these new techniques.

“The project marks a milestone in the construction of wooden buildings, not only because of its 100 meters, which is a record for residential buildings built in wood, but also because represents an innovative construction system that uses wood as a natural replacement for concrete“explained the firm.

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The Swiss company Implenia and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, ETH, have worked together to develop the new system, which allows the construction of taller wooden buildings.

“In the new system, the concrete core has been replaced by wood, which makes the individual beam enter with less weight. This makes it possible to build taller buildings and, at the same time, ensures that the entire building construction process is done with less carbon emissions,” the company adds.

Rocket&Tigerli is expected to be finished and ready for residents to move in in 2026, taking a new step towards the decarbonisation of the construction industry, which is one of the sectors that emits the most CO2 into the atmosphere within its entire cycle of activity.

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