Check Out These 10 Unusual Easter Traditions That Will Definitely Surprise You!

Easter is a time for celebration and joy. But this year, why not try something a bit different? From egg rolling races to lighting bonfires, we have compiled 10 of the most unusual Easter traditions from around the world that are sure to give your celebration a unique twist. Whether it’s a friendly water fight in Poland or a colorful parade from Spain, you’re sure to be surprised and entertained by these quirky customs. So don’t miss out – check out our list of the 10 most unusual Easter traditions and get ready to have a unique and memorable holiday this year!

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is a wondrous holiday that many people around the world celebrate in a variety of ways. From elaborate egg hunts to exquisite feasts, Easter customs vary greatly. But there are also some truly remarkable Easter celebrations that may surprise even the most seasoned experts. In this article, we’ll uncover ten of the most unusual from all around the globe.

Uncovering 10 Unexpected Easter Celebrations

From the Netherlands to England, Easter is a time for incredible customs and unique rituals. In France, it is customary for people to pour holy water from Easter Sunday services over the front door of their homes. This isn’t just for decoration, as it is meant to ward off bad luck and evil spirits.

In the Czech Republic, children dress up as witches and hunt for painted eggs hidden in the woods. This is known as “Pomlazka” and has been practiced since at least the 15th century.The eggs are then shared and eaten by the entire family.

Startling Easter Customs From Around the World

Another unexpected Easter celebration takes place in some parts of Germany, where a tradition known as “Eggerlaufen” takes place. This involves adults and children dressed as Easter bunnies chasing each other with colored eggs in baskets. This is meant to symbolize the race to the tomb of Jesus Christ after his resurrection.

In , whipping with a “” is a common Easter tradition. This involves a person whipping the backs of friends and loved ones with a whip made from a twisted red and white cord. This is meant to bring health and good luck.

Discovering Unique Easter Traditions

The Catalan town of Verges in Spain is renowned for its unusual Easter celebration. During the traditional “Dansa de la Mort” or “Dance of Death”, locals dress up in costumes of pilgrims, animals, corpses and other macabre figures. The dancers then parade through the streets, visiting each house in the town while singing and playing drums.

In Sweden, Easter is celebrated with a tradition known as “Fågelriot” or “Bird Riot”. This involves a group of people running through the countryside setting off homemade rockets and shooting guns in the air to scare away any birds that may be nesting in the area.

Unusual Easter Practices You Won’t Believe

Easter in the Netherlands is celebrated with the “Paasklokken” or “Easter Bells”. This involves ringing bells in the streets to commemorate the . This is currently done mostly in churches but in the past it was done in the traditional Dutch way, with people parading through the streets ringing bells.

In Poland, a traditional Easter custom known as “Smingus Dyngus” is still celebrated today. This involves a group of people carrying large vessels of water and pouring it over friends and family to cleanse them of the previous year’s sins. It is believed that whoever gets the most water will be blessed with good luck in the coming year.

The Basque people of northern Spain also have a unique Easter tradition known as “Txupinazo”. This involves a group of people gathering together and singing traditional Basque songs while firing guns into the air.

Uncovering Easter’s Hidden Treasures

From bizarre egg hunts to ancient religious rituals, Easter brings out some of the most unusual customs from around the world. Although many of these traditions may seem strange to us, they are deeply rooted in history and faith. Easter is a holiday that celebrates life, love and hope, and these traditions provide a fascinating glimpse into how people around the world honor this special day.

No matter how you choose to celebrate Easter, the important thing is that it is a time to come together with friends and family and celebrate the joy and beauty of life. From France to Romania, Poland to Sweden, these ten unexpected Easter customs provide a glimpse into the many unique ways that people around the world honor this wonderful holiday.


Easter is a time to come together with loved ones, enjoy feasts and exquisite customs, and celebrate the joy of the season. This article uncovered some of the most unique and unexpected Easter traditions from all around the world. From “Pomlazka” in the Czech Republic to “Fågelriot” in Sweden, these customs provide a fascinating glimpse into how this holiday is celebrated around the world.


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